A Dark Day for Victorians

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

The President of The Right to Life Australia Margaret Tighe said that the passage through the Legislative Council of the Andrews Government Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 has ushered in a tragic age for the state of Victoria.

"The Andrews Government to its shame, has endorsed a regime which will allow doctors to kill sick patients. In other words an era of killing not caring."

She said, “Given the steady and relentless increase in killable patients in those few places in the world where euthanasia is legal, talk of the famous 68 safeguards is laughable. We will be no better than those other places.”

Mrs Tighe concluded, “The strongest condemnation for this tragic age rest with Premier Andrews and especially the health minister Jill Hennessy whose new name should be, in my opinion, the Minister for Death.”

For more information, contact Margaret Tighe – 9385 0100 or 0417 338 961.


Ayes, 22

Atkinson, Mr
Dalidakis, Mr
Dunn, Ms
Eideh, Mr
Gepp, Mr
Hartland, Ms
Jennings, Mr
Leane, Mr
Melhem, Mr
Mikakos, Ms
O’Donohue, Mr
Patten, Ms
Pennicuik, Ms
Pulford, Ms
Purcell, Mr
Ramsay, Mr
Ratnam, Dr
Shing, Ms
Springle, Ms
Symes, Ms
Tierney, Ms
Wooldridge, Ms

Noes, 18

Bath, Ms
Bourman, Mr
Carling-Jenkins, Dr
Crozier, Ms
Dalla-Riva, Mr
Davis, Mr
Elasmar, Mr
Finn, Mr
Fitzherbert, Ms
Lovell, Ms
Morris, Mr
Mulino, Mr
Ondarchie, Mr
O’Sullivan, Mr
Peulich, Mrs
Rich-Phillips, Mr
Somyurek, Mr
Young, Mr

Question agreed to.

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Update: The Victorian Legislative Assembly has now passed the amendments to the "Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017" and the bill will become law. There will be an 18 month implementation period before assisted suicide comes in to operation in 2019.


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