Media Release: Victoria – the Abortion State – Now the Euthanasia State

As Victorians approach the polls on 24 November 2018, Right to Life Australia calls for a vote against the Andrews Labor government purely and simply on the basis of their appalling track record on the destruction of human life.

As Margaret Tighe, President said, “Never mind the level crossings, the overhead trains, the many cranes in the sky, the roads, tunnels, free sanitary pads for school girls, the help with mobile phones and IVF. The bottom line is Victoria is the abortion state.”


And furthermore she said, “Victoria is now the euthanasia state. Tragically Premier Andrews and Health Minister Hennessy in seeking to legalise euthanasia appeared to have taken more notice of media identity Andrew Denton than the overwhelming and powerful testimony of the finest medical specialists this country has.”

She continued, “The government’s promotion of doctor availability on its Health website means more abortions and later abortions and no mention of how to seek help to have your baby.”

Mrs Tighe said, “Because the Victorian government allows abortion till birth Melbourne is the ‘go to’ place for late abortions with women flying in from interstate and neighbouring Pacific countries for this gruesome service.”

“Meanwhile,” she continued, “we await with trepidation the implementation of further killing with the much vaunted Andrews government’s euthanasia bill.”

Finally said Margaret Tighe, – “On the basis of so much government sanctioned destruction of human life, this government should be booted out.”

For more information:

Margaret Tighe,

Phone 0417 338 961


The Government of Western Australia is looking to introduce laws more liberal than Victoria's euthanasia laws. An expert panel in its recent report recommended that patients should be eligible if they are likely to die within 12 months. This differs from Victoria where terminally ill people must have less than 6 months to live.

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The Right to Life Australia Inc. defends the right to life of all human beings from conception until natural death. We lobby government for legal protection of the most vulnerable in society – the unborn baby, elderly, sick and those with disabilities. Right to Life Australia provides free counselling to women facing crisis pregnancies.  We are non-party political and non-denominational.

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