RU 486 subsidy

“Australians are being forced via their taxes to subsidize the death drug RU 486.  This drug has claimed one woman's life in Australia already," states Dr Katrina Haller, Senior Exec Officer, Right to Life Australia.

"The application by the Marie Stopes International Abortion Industry for Australians to subsidize the abortion drug RU486  furthers the culture of death in Australia"

RU 486 is responsible for the deaths of at least 8 women in the United States,” she said.  “It is not safe for women and is always fatal to the unborn child. RU486 is a human pesticide,”  she said. “Many Australians are conscientiously opposed to abortion because it kills unborn children and harms many women, so why should they be forced to fund a death drug, via their taxes?” she asked.  “Putting the abortion drug on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme makes is cheaper to kill unborn children, and promotes the culture of death,” she said.  “Most abortions are done for convenience, or so called “psychosocial” reasons.  What a sad society we are, when we cause the death of an innocent, weak, helpless individual to solve a mere social problem,” she continued.

“This country is ethically bankrupt if it promotes the killing of unborn children by making it cheap and widely available. The abortion drug is not a medicine – pregnancy is not a disease to be cured.  Pregnancy is a normal physiological process.  The RU486 drug does the opposite of what medicines do – medicines save lives and return the body from a pathological state back to its physiological excellence.  This drug kills an unborn baby and in many cases harms the mother, she said.  She referred to the articles in “The Herald Sun” 19/3/2012  “Abortion Drug Tragedy” page 2, and “The Australian” 19/3/12  “Abortion Pill Death sparked warning”  The Nation page 3.

“Many people cannot in conscience support a government which supports killing its most vulnerable members of the human family – its unborn  children,” she concluded. 

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