Key Bill a Passport to Suicide


The President of Right to Life Australia, Mrs Margaret Tighe, said today that the amendments being put forward by S.A. M.P. Stephanie Key, for her euthanasia bill will not, in any way, diminish its dangers.


“The bill is still a passport to suicide,” said Mrs Tighe, “because it will still give the right to people with a “terminal illness to have their lives ended.”

She continued, “I speak here of the many people who suffer from a chronic treatable condition – e.g. diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, severe asthma, kidney disease etc. for whom it will be easy to no longer accept treatment, as is their right. In so doing their illness in question will become “terminal” and the patient will have every right to say “palliative care is not acceptable to me” and so could request physician-assisted suicide.”

“I personally know of two cases of friends on dialysis, bad diabetics, both of whom ceased treatment because it had become too onerous for them. They subsequently died.”

“Under Key’s bill,” said Margaret Tighe, “they could request a speedy ending of life as could others whose illnesses become terminal by refusal of treatment.”

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