Victory in South Australia


The President of Right to Life Australia Mrs Margaret Tighe said today that the defeat in the South Australian parliament of the Death with Dignity bill of MP Duncan McFetridge was a significant blow against the forces of legalised patient killing in the state and indeed in other parts of Australia.

Mrs Tighe congratulated the courageous MPs who saw the light and acknowledged the danger in such legislation and now especially the “out of control’ situation in those few places in the world where it is allowed.

She went on, “The main thrust of this deadly campaign was from a former TV interviewer who praised the patient killing of Holland and Belgium etc.”

“Fortunately,” she said, “it may well have been that knowledge that influenced those MPs who opposed it in the same way that member of the House of Commons last year voted overwhelmingly against the Assisted Dying bill (No 2) 2015.”

She concluded “Hopefully this will be a setback for the patient killing advocates in this country. I congratulate especially the contribution made by excellent palliative care Doctors and nurses, Psychiatrists and Oncology specialists etc. who wish to care for their patients not kill them!”

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