Andrews Government signs its own death wish

Right to Life Australia media release

7 December 2016

The President of Right to Life Australia Ms Margaret Tighe said today that “in signing the death warrant of future victims of the Andrews’ government euthanasia bill, Daniel Andrews may well have been unwittingly signing the death warrant of his own government.”

Ms Tighe said, “In 2010 John Brumby lost office because of the very effective marginal seat campaign run by Right to Life Australia, based on the recorded votes of those MPs who voted for the Abortion Till Birth legislation - the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008. In the past Brumby was reliant on the support of IND Craig Ingram (Gippsland East) who blamed Right to Life Australia for the loss of his seat.”

Ms Tighe continued, “Apparently the Andrews Government has decided to embrace the patient killing that has escalated in those few places in the world that it is allowed e.g. Holland and Belgium etc. preferring to ignore the highly significant and overwhelming defeat of the assisted dying bill in the House of Commons (UK) last year and prior to that in the Scottish Parliament.”

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