The President of Right to Life Australia Ms Margaret Tighe said today, (8/12/16) on the announcement that assisted dying bill will be introduced in Victoria in 2017 that

“We have the most anti-life Premier we have ever had in the state of Victoria. On the one hand several months ago he was proudly extolling the virtues of the splendid facilities in the new Peter MacCallum Centre, which is a beacon of hope for cancer sufferers. Then in the next breath, he announces he will take a “fresh look” at euthanasia”.

Ms Tighe continued
“In doing so, this completely flies in the face of overwhelming evidence in the few places in the world where it has been legalised and practised. In these countries, the practice of euthanasia has eventuated in an enormous escalation in the number of deaths for a whole host of reasons.
What Premier Andrews proposes is nothing short of state-sanctioned suicide. It has been proven that so called “safeguards” are meaningless and eventually give way to legalised patient killing for a whole host of reasons. That is what will happen in Victoria should the Victorian Parliament be so foolish as to pass this iniquitous legislation”.
Ms Tighe commented further
“I would remind Premier Andrews and members of his government that only last year the British House of Commons in its wisdom overwhelmingly voted against assisted dying as did the Scottish Parliament. Why is this so?
Simply because they looked across the Channel at the Low Countries and saw the abuses that have occurred and decided to come out strongly for proper patient care and suicide prevention”.

Margaret Tighe
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