Government doctor-prescribed suicide bill introduced

Margaret Tighe, President of Right To Life Australia said today:

“The Victorian Government is today introducing into the Parliament legislation which will give doctors the power to deliberately end the lives of those patients who request it under certain circumstances.

“Clearly this is physician-assisted suicide - not “assistance-in-dying” as the Government dishonestly promotes.

“Everyone is entitled to receive all the assistance they need when nearing death. That is not what the government is proposing.”

Mrs Tighe continued, “In so doing the Victorian Parliament has ignored the excesses that have occurred in those countries like Holland and Belgium and the US state of Oregon, all of whom have been allowing doctors to kill patients for some years now.  This is unlike the example of the British House of Commons which only two years ago, overwhelmingly voted a resounding NO to legalising physician-assisted suicide.

“Before that the Scottish and Welsh Parliament did likewise. There were two reasons for this.

“Firstly they looked at what was occurring in those countries where euthanasia is out of control and secondly they saw the uselessness of the so-called “safeguards” contained in such legislation.”

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