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There are 2 important inquiries affecting pro-life issues currently accepting submissions we wanted to let you know about. Note that while the inquiries are conducted by state parliaments, anyone is able to make a submission. It is not restricted to residents of that particular state.


You may have heard last year that Rob Pyne introduced 2 bills to legalise abortion, and then withdrew them when he realised they would not receive enough support in the Queensland Parliament. However, that was not the end of the issue. Subsequently the Queensland state government referred the issue of decriminalising abortion to the Queensland Law Reform Commission. As those who would remember Victoria's abortion debate back in 2008, referral to a Law Reform Commission is unlikely to have a favourable outcome for pro-lifers.

Submissions to the Queensland Law Reform Commission "Review of termination of pregnancy laws" close very soon - Tuesday 13 February 2018. There are a long set of questions provided by the inquiry; any or all of the questions can be addressed in your submission. You can check the questions at the Cherish Life Queensland website.

Submissions can be:

1. Emailed to

2. Posted to:

The Secretary
Queensland Law Reform Commission
PO Box 13312
George Street Post Shop QLD 4003

3. Faxed to: (07) 3247 9045

For information on writing your submission, Cherish Life have information on their website, as do Australian Christian Lobby. Also you can view the terms of reference and discussion paper at the Queensland Law Reform Commission website.

Australian Capital Territory

On 30 November 2017, the ACT Legislative Assembly established a Select Committee to review and report on end of life choices in the ACT. The committee will report by the end of this year.View the full terms of reference by clicking here.

Note that the ACT can't currently legislate an assisted dying regime due to an Australian law stopping them from doing so, the "Euthanasia Laws Bill 1996" introduced by Kevin Andrews. However, this law could be overturned in the future - in fact Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm has a bill before the Senate to do exactly that.

Submissions are due by close of business on Friday 23 February 2018, and can be:

1. Emailed to

2. Posted to:

Select Committee on End of Life Choices in the ACT,
Legislative Assembly for the ACT,
GPO Box 1020,

The first page of your submission needs to include:

  • Name of the committee and the inquiry [Select Committee on End of Life Choices in the ACT]
  • Author's name (or, if an organisation, the organisation’s name and a contact person);
  • A postal address and contact telephone number; and
  • An e-mail address (if possible).

For tips on what to write, see the Hope: no euthanasia website.

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