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STOP patient killing in Western Australia

Alarm Bells for WA! Contact your 6 Members of Legislative Council WA now! All West Australians should be rightly alarmed as the WA government debates the legislation of patient killing in the Legislative council this week (Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019).  Enter postcode or suburb to find your region: http://www.boundaries.wa.gov.au/

WA is divided into 6 regions. Each region has 6 Members.

Please contact your 6 members to express your opposition to euthanasia. Phone calling or emailing is best at this stage.

Tell them to "VOTE NO" to euthanasia for Western Australia. You may leave a written message for staff to pass on.

Find your REGION HERE.  

Here are the names of the Members to contact:  


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Mr Aldridge Martin NAT 1800 336 905 martin.aldridge@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Chown James LIB (08) 9481 0082 jim.chown@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr de Grussa Colin NAT (08) 9921 4818 colin.degrussa@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Graham Laurence ALP (08) 9621 1999 laurie.graham@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Mazza Ricky SFF 1800 781 900 rick.mazza@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr West Darren ALP (08) 9964 1001 darren.west.mp@mp.wa.gov.au


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Mr Clifford Tim GWA (08) 9274 8484 tim.clifford@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Clohesy Alanna ALP (08) 9272 1718 clohesy.emetro@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Faragher Donna LIB (08) 9379 0840 faragher.eastmetro@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Rowe Samantha ALP (08) 9477 3855 samantha.rowe@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Smith Charles IND (08) 9250 7901 charles.smith@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Swinbourn Matthew ALP (08) 9452 8311 swinbourn.emetro@mp.wa.gov.au 


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Mr Baston Kenneth LIB (08) 9193 7044 ken.baston@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Boydell Jacqueline NAT (08) 9144 4187 jacqui.boydell@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Chapple Robin GWA (08) 9486 8255 robin.chapple@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Dawson Stephen ALP (08) 6552 5800 minister.dawson@dpc.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr McGinn Kyle ALP (08) 9022 7003 miningpastoral.mcginn@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Scott Robin PHON (08) 9093 1455 robin.scott@mp.wa.gov.au


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Mr Collier Peter LIB (08) 9203 9588 peter.collier@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms MacTiernan Alannah ALP (08) 6552 6200 minister.mactiernan@dpc.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Mischin Michael LIB (08) 9301 1896 michael.mischin@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Pritchard Martin ALP (08) 9201 0582 martin.pritchard@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Sibma Tjorn LIB (08) 9440 4422 tjorn.sibma@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Xamon Alison GWA (08) 9388 3955 alison.xamon@mp.wa.gov.au


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Ms Doust Catherine ALP (08) 9470 3511 doust.southmetro@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Ellery Suzanne ALP (08) 6552 5700 minister.ellery@dpc.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Goiran Nicolas LIB (08) 9398 3800 nick.goiran@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr O'Brien Simon LIB (08) 9364 4277 simon.obrien@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Stonehouse Aaron LD (08) 9226 3550 aaron.stonehouse.mlc@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Yang Pierre ALP (08) 9337 9176 pierre.yang.mp@mp.wa.gov.au


Hon.  Title Surname First Name Party Electorate Tel Email
Hon Ms Evers Diane GWA (08) 9486 8070 southwest.evers@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Ms Farina Adele ALP 1800 077 677 southwesteo@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Holt Colin NAT 1800 758 458 colin.holt@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Dr Talbot Sally ALP (08) 9725 3711 sally.talbot@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Dr Thomas Steven LIB (08) 9757 9555 steve.thomas@mp.wa.gov.au
Hon Mr Tincknell Colin PHON (08) 9486 8106 colin.tincknell.mlc@mp.wa.gov.au


Your representatives need to fully comprehend the harm that can be done by unleashing such legislation on the unsuspecting public.

Firstly, if a piece of legislation is deemed to require “safeguards” it would appear it may be dangerous. 

That is why the British parliament in 2015, voted overwhelmingly against legalising physician assisted dying in a vote of three to one!

The Scottish and Welsh parliaments also opposed such legislation.

It was the words of a former Dutch protagonist of legalised euthanasia, Professor Theo Boer, who spoke to the British MPs telling them “Don’t do it”!1

Already WA Senator Pat Dodson has eloquently expressed his concerns over the impact such legislation will have on indigenous West Australians, many of whom lack proper health care.2

The Voluntary Assisted Dying bill 2019 supposedly cannot be used by patients with mental illness.

However, if a mentally ill person – say with diagnosed depression – suffers from another condition eg diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease which is satisfactorily being treated – by ceasing treatment for their illness – the patient becomes terminal and so would qualify for euthanasia.

Indeed, many people receiving necessary treatment for a whole range of illnesses, can easily qualify for euthanasia by ceasing treatment, causing their condition to be terminal.  

Vulnerable people can act out of loneliness, fear of being a burden, financial pressure etc.

The Bioedge article from the US3 is alarming to say the least. It illustrates the harm such legislation can inflict on the disabled and mentally ill. 

After all, physician-assisted dying ultimately means – the release of the life devoid of value – being promoted and instead as a means of a pain-free death which competent oncologists dispense to sick patients daily.

The same should be the case with legislators – to quote from former South Australian ALP Member for Newland – Tom Kenyon during debate on the euthanasia bill in the South Australian Parliament in 2016:  

“I do not agree that the state should be involved in the killing of its citizens – even at their own request.”

1. Daily Mail UK Professor Theo Boer warning on euthanasia “don’t do it” dailym.ai/2J5NlZZ

2. The Australian 5/10/19 Pat Dodson’s warning on legalised euthanasia bit.ly/2MDZtCd

3. BioEdge US study says assisted suicide laws rife with dangers to people with disabilities bit.ly/35yPirm