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The greatest human rights issue today

Abortion is the greatest human rights issue facing Australia today. 

I speak of the deliberate ending of life of babies in the womb – babies we know are members of the human family - as are you and I.

In Australia today most states allow abortion right up till birth.   Many of you would not be aware of that.   

Frequently we receive emails or telephone calls from young women who deeply regret their abortions.   They are always happy to be able to talk about their experience. I understand there will be some women in the congregation who have become victims of the current abortion epidemic.  I want them to know that healing and a listening ear are available to them.

Our support arm  Pregnancy Counselling Australia runs a 24 hour telephone counselling service for those women who are in a dilemma about an unplanned pregnancy.

In Australia today the act of abortion is disguised in a number of ways. The reality of abortion that is that every abortion kills a baby – is disguised by the media and by those who promote it and allow it eg. politicians.

Words like reproductive health, sexual health, pro-choice, women’s right to control their own body etc are used to promote and disguise the reality of abortion.

In many major hospitals in Australia today very premature babies are nurtured in expensive neo-natal care nurseries and most of them live to grow into fine men and women.

These babies are wanted by their parents. On the other hand, often in the same hospital – babies of the same age are brutally aborted.

For example in Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital 60 fortunate premature babies are lovingly cared for in a special facility.

On the other hand, in another part of that same hospital abortions are carried out on unwanted babies up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and even later – if two doctors agree with the woman’s request.

Sometimes this can be on psychological or even social grounds.

Tragically today, if a child in the womb is diagnosed with some form of disability that child will, in most cases be aborted.  This is certainly the case with Down Syndrome children today, approximately 98% of them never make it to birth.

Babies with cleft palate, spina bifida etc are also considered expendable.  A few years ago a 28 week baby was aborted at a major Sydney hospital at the parents’ request because it had a deformed left hand!

Another case of lethal discrimination against the unborn in 2011 was that of twins – one of whom was diagnosed in the womb to have a serious heart defect. 

The decision to abort that child led mistakenly to the aborting of the healthy baby.   So both babies were subsequently killed.  This was at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital. 

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Margaret Tighe