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What lies beneath the pro-abortion rage?

There is something building within the pro-abortion movement. As the lies and powers of the industry are questioned, the protests increase in fervour. The very thought that they will no longer be allowed to end the life of the unborn freely fills them with collective rage. The loudest voices seem to be those who have had an abortion in the past, and perhaps this is not so surprising. They are the ones who have the most to lose by confronting the reality of abortion. This was perfectly highlighted at the Centre for Reproductive Rights Rally outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on International Women’s Day March 6th, 2020.

One of the guest speakers, actress Busy Phillips, recounted her experience of terminating a child at 15 years of age. Undoubtedly, this was an incredibly traumatic time for her, compounded by the fact that she accessed abortion services without parental consent or support. By her own admission in other interviews, she buried the circumstances of conception as well as the termination for twenty-five years.

At times she appeared to be under the influence of stimulant drugs. The tone and delivery of her speech bordered on unhinged as she listed off her accomplishments, her volume increasing and fists pounding the dais:

“So, there I was sitting in Los Angeles, in my beautiful office of my OWN late-night talk show. Soon I would be driving my hybrid car back to my BEAUTIFUL F@#*ING HOME, to kiss my two beautiful, healthy children and my husband who has taken the YEAR OFF to parent so that I can focus on my CAREER. And I have ALL OF THIS, ALL OF IT, BECAUSE…BECAUSE…BECAUSE, I was allowed bodily autonomy at fifteen.” As she pauses mid-speech, the crowd breaks out in applause and screams of support.

It is difficult to process how we got here. The legalisation of abortion was touted as a solution to stop women dying from septicaemia, a last resort for those who had been raped or unable to continue to term for medical reasons. The boundaries have been extended so far that abortion can happen for psychological reasons up until 24 weeks and potentially until delivery. Now, it is normalised to speak freely of how your abortion paved the way for success, and have that celebrated as bravery?

Scratch below the surface of these public declarations of ‘female empowerment’ and there is common theme. Most telling is that these high-profile women speaking out about abortion, not only find it necessary to list their achievements in order to justify ending the life of their children but are also seeking external and mass approval. They suffer from the same trauma as those who hide in shame, desperately trying to find a way to live with actions which deep down, they know are fundamentally wrong. This is separate from religious morals. It is instinctual to preserve the life of the young, especially our own. There are very few people on the planet who could end the life of a newborn baby. It goes against the fabric of our own humanity. In contrast, the majority would jump into a river to save a drowning child or put ourselves in harm’s way to shield them from danger.

You do not need a list of positive results to explain something which you know in your heart and soul is right. There is no need to scream about how you will not be silenced or shamed about something you are genuinely proud of.

Many of these women cannot even say the word ‘abortion’ when recounting their own experiences. They will speak of ‘choice’ or ‘bodily autonomy’ to white-wash over ending the life of their child. The anger that we see on the pro-choice side is a mask for pain. They are marching, protesting and screaming in the street to avoid facing their own grief and loss. It is the ultimate double down, for it prevents their own healing and leads other young women down a path of lies. The remainder of the group have no personal experience with abortion, and simply regurgitate propaganda in ignorance.

The Pro-Life Movement must continue to be a contrasting voice.