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FaceTime Euthanasia consultation in Canadian restaurant!

A young Canadian man, struggling with diabetes and its effects reports on his telehealth consultation with a euthanasia doctor in this video produced by CBC Canada in its investigative program The Fifth Estate. Euthanasia deaths have increased exponentially in Canada over 6 years since it was legalised (2016). In 2021 euthanasia laws were changed to extend euthanasia beyond the initial terminally ill diagnosis. Now, in Canada access for people whose reasons for wanting to die aren’t only medical -is offered to people who aren’t seeking to die at all. Euthanasia is now even offered to Canadians who aren’t seeking to die at all!

Watch at approximately 9 mins 46 seconds into programme as Kiano explains how he was assessed over FaceTime while eating dinner at an American Steakhouse! See Michael Cook BioEdge’s article ‘Canadians are having buyer’s remorse over Euthanasia’’. Watch now.