15 amazing facts about the 15-week-gestation fetus

"This year, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which would allow Mississippi to limit abortions at 15 weeks. Medical advancements have long surpassed the viability definition of 28 weeks in Roe, and each advancement only moves us closer to life-saving treatments earlier and earlier in the life of the unborn. But what exactly is a 15-week-gestation fetus like? We’ve put together 15 amazing facts about the 15-week-gestation fetus."
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The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021

George Christensen MP has proposed a bill in the House of Representatives called "The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021". The bill is expected to be tabled in early August 2021.

Currently, in most Australian states, doctors are not required to provide medical assistance to children born alive as a result of an abortion. These babies are left uncared for until they die. They deserve the same rights and medical treatment as any other human being.

Under the proposed bill, when a child is born alive as a result of an abortion, attending medical practitioners must take action to save the child's life. If they do not act to save the child they will face significant financial penalty and probable deregistration as a medical practitioner.

For more information on the bill, go to https://www.georgechristensen.com.au/bornalive where you can sign a petition to support the bill.

Please contact your 1 member of the House of Representatives and your Senators for your state (12) or territory (2).A list of all members can be found here. If you don't know which electorate you are in, check at https://electorate.aec.gov.au/.Meanwhile, a list of all Senators can be found here.

Queensland Premier stands condemned on assisted suicide

The Queensland government is introducing a  euthanasia bill into the Parliament at end of May 2021.

Mrs Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia, said, "Ms Palaszczuk's latest embracing of the 'better off dead' principle which has followed the 2018 passage of an abortion till birth bill clearly illustrates her contempt for the value of every human life."

"It is obvious," continued Mrs Tighe, "this latest attack on human life is yet another example of how Labor in Australia has become a party of social engineering as we have seen in Victoria and Western Australia with the passage of their euthanasia bills."

During the recent election campaign, the Queensland Premier even promised to fast track debate of the euthanasia bill. Clearly the Queensland Labor Government believes assisted suicide is electorally popular. Read more on this issue, including pre election comments by Brisbane's Catholic Archbishop Mark Coleridge, here (only available to The Australian online subscribers).

If you live in Queensland, we urge you to contact your member of the Legislative Assembly (lower house) in the state Parliament and express your opposition to any form of euthanasia/assisted suicide. 

Dan Andrews Proven Wrong

Daniel Andrews 2018 crop Wikipedia

Euthanasia deaths in Victoria under the Euthanasia Act passed in 2017 are 10 times greater than Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews predicted! 

The latest Victorian Euthanasia Figures (January to June 2020) reveal that 124 Victorians were either executed by doctors or were victims of doctor assisted suicides in just the first year of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews' Euthanasia Act.  When Premier Andrews was debating the “Bill to Kill” he stated maybe 12 Victorians would die under his bill in its first year of operation.  

The Victorian government's 'Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board Report of operations January–June 2020' is both frightening and confronting.

As the months pass, more and more Victorian people are either being executed by doctors or are falling victim to doctor assisted suicides.

Tragically Mr Andrews has been proven wrong. Even twelve deaths would have been twelve too many. The numbers being 10 times his prediction is cause for deep sorrow. Dishonest or not, Mr. Andrews is now publicly revealed as having misled Victorians to get his death dealing bill passed. The big numbers can numb us to the grim reality!
We need to focus on the one death of one person under his Euthanasia Act. 

One person being executed by a doctor is a total horror.

Simply think of one doctor looking at one patient and deciding that the patient is better off dead. A doctor never kills a patient unless the doctor acting as “judge” decides the patient would be “better off dead” and so be a candidate for execution. Having made that decision the doctor then executes the patient.  That is the grim reality of Mr. Andrews’ Euthanasia Act.

Until Mr. Andrews’ Euthansia Act legalised doctors to prescribe poison for patients, all assisted suicides in Victoria were serious crimes.
Doctors may now prescribe poison for patients who take the poison to kill themselves in what is an act of doctor assisted suicide.
Victoria valiantly tries to reduce the number of suicides. All assisted suicides are still serious crimes, except for Mr. Andrews’ doctor assisted suicides.
Now is the time to protest one assisted suicide by one patient using poison prescribed by one doctor. Then we can protest the executions of many patients.  The legalisation of doctor assisted suicide leaves a patient vulnerable to elder abuse, coercion or unreasonable fears stoked by horror stories in the media about dreadful deaths.

Let’s get the grim facts on the executions and the doctor assisted suicides out to all Victorians.

  • Calls to any “Talkback Radio” shows on 3AW (693 AM)
    • Open Line: 03 96 900 693
    • Outside Melbourne Open Line: 13 13 32
  • Or calls/SMS to ABC Radio Melbourne (774 AM)
    • Talkback: 1300 222 774
    • SMS: 0437 774 774
  • Are a great way to reach Victorians. Just be natural and say what you think!
  • Letters to the Herald Sun, The Age or regional papers reach many people.
  • Short letters, under 100 words have the best chance to be published.


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