Good news for Pre-born in East Melbourne

The Right to Life Australia welcomes news today of the failure of Supreme court action by Melbourne Fertility Clinic in Wellington Parade to order the Melbourne City Council to act to confine protestors outside their business.

The Melbourne Fertility Clinic claimed the Council failed to curb the activities of the protesters which they alleged constitute a “nuisance”. Judge Michael McDonald ruled there was no failure by Council to perform duties imposed by the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008

Let us not forget why Victorians are protesting at abortion clinics. Preborn children in Victoria are tragically being killed in increasing numbers. Nearly 13,000 abortions were performed in Victoria in 2014.

Late term abortions (after 5 months of pregnancy) totalled 378 babies in Victoria (*2011 - latest data). 40 of these babies were born alive after their failed abortions and left to die *. The protestors at East Melbourne clinic, not only stand outside, they help mothers and their unborn babies with practical and monetary assistance.

All Victorians have the right to stand up against this horrendous taking of human life. More protesters - not less are needed outside this barbaric place.


Mary Collier
Spokesperson ph (0429 105 400) (03) 93850-111
*Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (CCOPMM) Report 2011


Judge Michael McDonald   In the Supreme Court of Victoria at Melbourne Common Law Division  S CI 2014 1107   Fertiity Control Clinic v Melbourne City Council

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