Our Federal election 2013 campaign was a two week experience battling with the Australian media.  We targeted 5 electorates—Franklin and Denison in Tasmania, two in Victoria, (Bendigo and Indi) and campaigned also against Philip Nitschke- Senate (ACT).

"Search and Destroy" - cfDNA

The SEARCH AND DESTROY MISSION to get rid of people with Down Syndrome is alive and well.  A report in "The Canberra Times" 22/9/13 states a new blood test called cfDNA is available in the USA which screens for chromosomal abnormalities. 

"Due date" abortion exposed

Did you know that at 37+ weeks-[baby's due date]-a preborn perfect baby was aborted in Victoria in 2011.  Preborn babies over 20 weeks are being born alive in Victoria after their own abortions.

"Help us Design Programme for euthanasing"

Vol Assisted Dying Bill discussion paper The Vic Andrews Govt has released a Discussion paper on its proposed Euthanasia Bill asking Victorians to help design the death bill! Prof Brian Owler, Chair-Ministerial Advisory Panel stated “… the panel will not consider feedback that expresses an opinion for or against assisted dying.  The panel asks for "feedback based on people's" expertise and experience to provide perspectives on the access, safeguards and practical considerations in creating a compassionate and safe assisted dying framework". Obviously the views of those "experienced" in the detail of killing patients are being sought but those who oppose the killing are excluded.  Express your opposition to the design of the killing programme! It is the next step in the deadly process. Send an email to the Panel by Mon 10 April 2017 to <Assisteddying.frameworkresponses@dhhs.vic.gov.au>    Contact your MP and tell him/her you oppose the design of a bill which kills Victorians.  Email us for contact details.

40 Days for Life

The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts again on Wednesday the 1st of March (Ash-Wednesday) and finishes the 9th of April (Palm-Sunday).

Abortion bill moves forward

Tasmania may be small, but it will punch far above its weight on the world stage in shutting down protests against abortion if a new bill now passed in the House of Assembly is passed in the Upper House, writes Mishka Gora.


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