Denton won't mention the House of Commons!

The British Parliament Voted Overwhelmingly Against Legalised Patient Killing. Why? Too Dangerous! Andrew Denton, poster boy of the euthanasia movement fails, unsurprisingly to refer to the OVERWHELMING vote against Assisted Suicide only last year

- *Assisted Suicide (No 2) Bill, House of Commons (UK) 11/9/15.

Here are some of the speeches from MPs who voted against the bill which was beaten resoundingly 330:118.

Mr Frank Field MP (Birkenhead) (Lab) “…we seem to think this country is populated exclusively by husbands who love their wives, and wives who love their husbands, and grannies, uncles and aunties who all gather around to do the right thing. …I know perfectly well that in certain circumstances some individuals would have no hesitation in trying to persuade a person that the decent thing to do is to end their life –and especially where money is involved”.

Lyn Brown MP (West Ham) (Lab) “I am afraid that I cannot support this Bill. My concern is that we will fundamentally change the way that our society thinks about and deals with the terminally ill, severely disabled people and the vulnerable, troubled and elderly”.

Fiona Bruce MP (Congleton) (Con) “Parliament has made its voice clearly heard today, as MPs from across the parties voted down the Assisted Dying (No2) Bill. The most vulnerable, as well as the Courts now have absolute clarity that assisted suicide is not the route this country will go down. That is a victory for the vulnerable...Doctors from places like Oregon and the Netherlands where euthanasia is legal, warned the UK not to make the same mistake – and Parliament has heeded their warnings”.



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