400 million births prevented since 1978

The Daily Mail online 31 July 2012 highlights a story of hope that exposes China's controversial 'policy of birth planning' which was introduced in 1978.

The Chinese government claims that the policy has probably prevented more than 400 million births and in 2010 it was reported that for every 120 boys born there are 100 girls.

Critics inside China and around the world have condemned the policy and accused the government of enforcing abortions.   This story in the Daily Mail is about an amazing Chinese woman who has worked since 1972 rescuing abandoned babies, found in rubbish cans, or as the case of one baby, with its throat cut and put in a plastic bag.  The baby had been born premature and was probably between 32 and 34 weeks old and weighing just 1.4 kg.

The baby girl is thought to be a victim of the country's one child policy, where parents restricted to only having a single child prefer boys and girls are unwanted and often discarded.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to kill newborn babies in the country, female infanticide and the failure to report female births is widely suspected, especially in rural areas. 

Right to Life Australia strongly opposes the practice of dumping unwanted babies which occurs as one consequence of the one-child policy in China. The dumping of these beautiful babies exposes a nation which systematically forces its own people to have abortions against their will, coerces its people into selective sex abortions and devalues human life without any regrets.

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