Zoe fights for Rights

The "Zoe's Law" bill currently in NSW parliament serves to illustrate the vicious determination of the pro-abortion lobby to not allow recognition of the rights of a child that dies in its mother’s womb after an assault upon the mother.
The following is an abridged version of an article in the Sydney Daily Telegraph by Miranda Devine (23/9/13).
It also illustrates the hypocrisy of the world in which we live, denying even the rights of a “wanted” baby for fear it might somehow spill over into some rights for “unwanted” babies kill by abortion.
BRODIE Donegan was eight months pregnant when she was mowed down by a drug-addled driver, high on methadone and valium, near her Ourimbah home. Her unborn child died.
Zoe’s heart was still beating when Brodie arrived at hospital, but by the time doctors performed a caesarean section, she was dead.
“She was still warm and she looked and felt and smelt like any other newborn” Brodie wrote in a victim impact statement to the court 15 months later. “She just was not breathing.”
The driver served just nine months in jail for the grievous bodily harm to Brodie, whose spine, pelvis, hips and foot were fractured.
But there existed no criminal charge for police to apply over the death of the 32-week foetus Zoe.
Under criminal law, Zoe had never existed, except as an appendage of her mother’s body.
Zoe’s Law, due before NSW Parliament on Thursday, would “recognise the existence of the foetus of a pregnant woman that is of at least 20 weeks gestation” and allow an offender to be charged with grievous bodily harm to the foetus, not just to the pregnant women, which is the current law in NSW.
The private member’s bill, authored by Brodie’s local Liberal MP on the Central Coast, Chris Spence, specifically exempts “anything done in the course of a medical procedure,” such as abortion, or anything done “with the consent of the pregnant woman”. But it has become the latest battleground in the abortion wars, as trigger-happy activists itch for a fight in a new conservative era.
They believe Zoe’s Law is a “slippery slope” towards restricting abortion. They are terrified it represents a “conceptual change” which would see the foetus regarded as a person in its own right.
At the finish make sure that the bill will go through and recognise that Zoe and others like her-are a person in his/her right.

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