Our Federal election 2013 campaign was a two week experience battling with the Australian media.  We targeted 5 electorates—Franklin and Denison in Tasmania, two in Victoria, (Bendigo and Indi) and campaigned also against Philip Nitschke- Senate (ACT).

 Campaigns targeted members of EMILY’s list, www.emilyslist.org.au, who support and promote abortion. They were:   Bendigo: Lisa Chesters (ALP),   Franklin: Julie Collins (ALP), and Denison: Jane Austin (ALP). We supported Sophie Mirabella MP (Indi) who has a prolife voting record in Parliament.  Independent Cathy McGowan who we found to be in favour of abortion, claimed the seat. 

The Bendigo Weekly contracted to run two consecutive advertisements-a half page colour advertisement depicted a baby in father’s arms.   We were then advised that the advertisement had been cancelled by the Managing Director due to adverse publicity from Women’s groups.www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/1754734/chesters-brands-campaign-as-ugly/we planned to use a new creative for the second advertisement.  This was rejected and we were told they would not reprint the advertisement they had already printed the week before.  
The Bendigo Advertiser: published a story: “Chesters brands campaign as ugly” on 23/9/13, and another on the front page of the Bendigo Advertiser on 4/9/13 titled “Ad Alarms”. “Ms. Chesters said the ad was a “dirty attack”.  She said “It’s deliberately to attack and incite ugliness in the closing stages of this election campaign. Margaret Tighe, President RTLA received several interview requests from this publicity. We managed to have a stroke of luck - Bendigo Advertiser was busy with the story about the Bendigo Weekly publishing our advertisement and did not realize we had an advertisement in their paper! The sales department obviously do not communicate with the editorial department to censor us and this ad passed under the radar and was printed 5/9/13, much to our amusement!  See photo of Baby Nicholas with Chesters named on EMILY’s list.
Of course, we were then advised that the next day’s advertisement 6/9/13 was rejected, due to “complaints”.  Despite adversity we removed the “offensive” photo of a baby in its father’s arms and it was then published election morning – wording only.
“The Mercury” Tasmania     Before approval, the sales department sent our material to the legal department.  We had to revise the wording -the Mercury refused to publish the Baby Nicholas Advertisement at all. They finally printed the advertisement with the baby held in father’s arm, (in black and white) with modifications e g removing wording “up to birth”  “up to term”  “at any stage”.  
The Kingsborough Chronicle:   Both Franklin and Denison This local paper published the baby Nicholas advertisement. We targeted Julie Collins ALP candidate for Franklin (95% of paper’s circulation covered Julie Collins’ electorate). Censorship is alive and well in a democracy!  
Mary Collier, Secretary Right to Life Australia Inc.

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