Ireland's Savita Halappanavar

Ireland’s stand against abortion has recently come under fire after the recent tragic death of Savita Halappanavar and her unborn baby.

Jill Stanek tour review


Jill commenced her National Tour (total of 6 cities in 9 days, 9890 km) early on Monday 9th July 2012 after our conference on 6-8 July 2012 in Melbourne.  An early morning start saw her flying across the continent to Perth.  She was accompanied by her husband Rich and Dr Katrina Haller from Right to Life Australia.  Jill enjoyed touching her toes in the Indian Ocean earlier on in the afternoon as she gathered her thoughts for the evening’s talk.   The University Club, University of Western Australia was the venue for Jill’s first function where a glass of wine and savouries started off a most inspiring evening.    

She then visited Adelaide and was hosted by Dr Toni Turnbull with a speaking event at the Bradley Forum, University of Adelaide.  Coffee and cake was held afterwards and many attendees stayed until late in the evening.  Jill and Rich then flew to Brisbane accompanied by Dr John James, President of RTLA and Mary Collier, Secretary of RTLA for a presentation in the Premier’s room at Parliament House, which was well attended by prolife Queensland MPs.  The schedule was tight and the following morning after a 4.30am start Jill and Rich flew to Cairns.  Attendees at the Cairns function , held at the Seville Conference Centre were thrilled to have a speaker with Jill’s credentials visiting to inspire them with her prolife message.  We believe Jill enjoys shopping and certainly took advantage of the great Australian sales when she was here.  Jill has written about her Australian visit on her website

In her testimony in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney Jill told her story to a mesmorised audience.  Jill held a little baby, in the palm of her hand, maybe 450grams in weight.  She spoke of how the baby,  born alive after an abortion, lay in her arms until the baby died. The baby received no medical care.  Jill said that the baby was so frail she had to hold it up to the light to see whether his heart was still beating.  One could hear a pin drop as we listened to her experiences as a nurse at that hospital. 

We feel inspired to have listened to Jill Stanek’s story around the nation.  It is amazing however that none of the mainstream media saw fit to want to follow this story despite press releases and media contacts.  Around Australia the issue of the born-alive victims of abortion is being championed by prolife MPs in several parliaments such as South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.  The horror of Jill’s testimony left us more determined to follow a path to have this heinous practice ceased. 

Jill Stanek-2012 Australian tour a success

"Jill is a nurse turned prolife activist, blogger and speaker who is a national figure in the USA in the effort to protect both preborn and post born innocent human life.

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