March For The Babies 2014

Victorian Police estimated 7000 protesters attended the annual March for the Babies rally in Melbourne on 11 October 2014.  Many families with young children attend the rally, as well as prominent politicians.  

Mothering Day saddened

As Mothering day approaches in Australia this Sunday 10/5/14 we ask what motivated 25 year old Emily Letts of New Jersey to film herself having an abortion at the Cherry Hills Women’s Centre? Ms Letts featured on ninemsn 07/05/14 stated she is ‘in awe that I can make a baby. That I can make life”.

Nitschke keeps licence

Despite welcome news today that Philip Nitschke, notorious death doctor,  has strict conditions imposted on him, he survives with his medical registration intact.

Nitschke only restricted

A win for life - Dr Nitschke can practise under 25 conditions. “The Right to Life Australia is pleased that the Medical Board of Australia is not encouraging suicide by imposing 25 conditions on Dr Nitschke’s medical practice” said Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer of The Right to Life Australia. 

Ongoing protest at Victorian Parliament

They need your help!

At the start of 2012, Dave Forster a veteran pro life activist and member of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants organised with his daughter Therese to start a pro life banner protest.

The protest was to take place on MacArthur Street behind the Victorian Parliament House, commencing upon the first sitting day of Parliament for 2012.

The plan was to stage a demonstration that escalated throughout the year by using a banner identifying the number of surgical abortion deaths in Victoria, where the banner kept getting longer as the abortion numbers continued to increase.

Dave used Bureau of Statistics figures for Victoria from previous years as the basis for the number of surgical abortion deaths that would occur in 2012. Dave’s growing protest involved pro lifers peacefully holding up a green ‘garden shadecloth’ banner with simple painted white crosses to represent every unborn baby killed by surgical abortion in Victoria over the course of a year. Dave estimated that there would be at least 17,000 such abortions in one calendar year in Victoria alone. To accommodate this number of crosses,
the green banner would need to expand progressively until it would be about one hundred and eighty metres long.

The banner was to be displayed from about 8am to 9.30am on each Parliamentary sitting day.

The aim was to get across an important message to Victoria’s parliamentary representatives. To be specific, they were responsible for failing to act against the growing abortion holocaust in Victoria, and also many of them were responsible for legalising the worst and most liberal abortion laws in Australia, and amongst the worst in the western world.

The protests were intended to occur every parliamentary sitting day from February until December 2012. Almost all of the members of the lower and upper house arrive at Parliament House by car and drive in the MacArthur Street back driveway between 7.30am and 9.30am. They can’t help seeing and noticing a demonstration like this, growing right before their eyes. They also can’t help but have noticed how much the banner has grown from February to November 2012.

 When it started, the banner required about five people to hold it up. Now it requires about thirty two people. At the most recent demonstrations, exactly that number of protesters turned up, after Dave had made a concerted effort to contact as many people as he possibly could.

You may be interested to know that some of the feminist and pro abortion elements in State Parliament are not at all happy about the protest. They have recently sought the assistance of Protective Services and Security Staff to threaten to move the protest away to the front steps of Parliament House, on the basis of alleged complaints about the banner being set up on the footpath and forcing pedestrians to walk onto the road. Unfortunately for them, the footpath on MacArthur Street is not defined as part of the Parliamentary Precinct. The upcoming sitting days are:

  • 13-15 November 2012
  • 27-29 November 2012
  • 11-13 December 2012

Are you able to help Dave with holding the banners? He can be contacted by email : MForster Forster <>

Paul Johnson Committee Member

Petition your MP for the babies

Click here for the petitionStart a petition at your local youth group, workplace, church or sports organisation. Lobby your MP to hear the cry of the unborn. Gather as many signatures as you can. If you need any help, call us at the office.


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