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Melbourne Age writer Miriam Claire states that 40 years after Roe v Wade, women still fight to be able to have safe, legal abortion. Email in opposition to her pro-abortion article in today’s “Age” (21 Jan 2013) entitled “A woman’s right to choose still a public battlefield”.  Submit your letters to the Editor.   

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Right to Life claims Woolridge Scalp

 "Mary Wooldridge M.P. Doncaster must regret her fatal vote for the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 because it cost her the seat of Kew" claimed The President of Right to Life Australia, Margaret Tighe.  Margaret Tighe said, “Fortunately for us, we have a large number of Right to Life members in the electorate of Kew, some of whom are Liberal Party members"


Results of The Right to Life Australia AGM 2013:  The Committee of Management elected are 
President:  Mrs Margaret Tighe
Vice President:  Dr Toni Turnbull
Treasurer:  John Dynan
Secretary:  Mary Collier
Committee:  Ewan McDonald, Dr Katrina Haller, Paul Johnson, Lucia Doyle, Lidia Koniusko, David Cutler. 

RU 486 subsidy

“Australians are being forced via their taxes to subsidize the death drug RU 486.  This drug has claimed one woman's life in Australia already," states Dr Katrina Haller, Senior Exec Officer, Right to Life Australia.

STOP Nitschke's suicide kits

Philip Nitschke says  he will import suicide kits into the USA starting January 2014, under cover of his Max Dog "Brewing" kit.   Alex Schadenberg, International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition says " SIGN THE PETITION and stop the kits"!  

Tensi no Katachi

Nine msn 10/8/2012 author Martin Zavan released an article on the use of 3D technology to produce lifesize models of developing foetuses.  See link 3D model technology (no longer available).  It is like a snowglobe of your unborn baby.


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