Victorian election 2014

The Victorian election on 29 November 2014 is fast approaching and we urge you to consider the life issues when placing your vote in the ballot box.

Vote against Abortion in Northern Territory

Vote Greens LAST, Vote EMILY's List LASTGreens are committed to legal abortion & euthanasia.EMILY's List* are ALP women committed to legal abortion.  The following are EMILYs List candidates in the Northern Territory election Sat 27/8/16 VOTE THEM LAST

 Kirsty Hunt (Candidate for Nelson)

Kate Worden, (Candidate for Sanderson)

Dale Wakefield (Candidate for Braitling)

Sandra Newlson (Candidate for Katherine)

Lauren Moss (Candidate for Casurina)

Lynne Walker (Candidate for Nhulumbuy)

Natasha Fyles (Candidate for Nightcliff)

Woman self aborts at 30 wks

Unborn baby at 30 weeksA woman in the UK has been jailed for 8 years for performing an abortion on herself when her unborn baby was 29 weeks and 5 days  (ninemsn 18/09/2012). Justice Cooke stated "The child in the womb was so near to birth, in my judgment all right-thinking people would think this offence more serious than unintentional manslaughter".

Your Aussie Taxes - Destroying babies

Billions of dollars, of tax-payer dollars, in Australia are federally funnelled into the abortion industry in order to directly fund it, protect it, and make it sustainable. Ask your candidates "Will you protect life?".

Zoe fights for Rights

The "Zoe's Law" bill currently in NSW parliament serves to illustrate the vicious determination of the pro-abortion lobby to not allow recognition of the rights of a child that dies in its mother’s womb after an assault upon the mother.


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