Abortion IS an election issue!

Did you know that your taxes are used to fund abortions through Medicare?
Did you know that the Gillard Government recently placed the abortion drug RU486 on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule?  
Now chemical abortions will be available cheaply - at $12 - again subsidised by your taxes.

All Social Engineering is preceded by Verbal Engineering

Verbal engineering is the stock in trade of the so-called "Right to Die" forces.   It is nothing less than "death by euphemism".  The Orwellian-speak they use to hide what they are foisting on society is most revealing.

Assisted Suicide: The Musical

Liz Carr photo crop

With the Victorian Premier pushing for a parliamentary conscience vote on euthanasia this year, Assisted Suicide: The Musical is a must see at the Festival!

Following sell-out shows in the UK, disability rights campaigner and actor Liz Carr (Clarissa Mullery in the BBC’s Silent Witness) brings you her ‘TED talk with show tunes’ to explore this most topical of taboos.

Black Day for Babies

Mishka Gora, Tasmanian writer and Philosopher said that the Tasmanian parliament has finally passed the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Act 2013 after a drawn-out committee process and numerous amendments. 

Burial more respectful for unborn babies


“Two recent stories tell different fates of the destination of the bodies of unborn babies who are dead as the result of abortions,” said Dr. Katrina Haller, Senior Executive Officer of The Right to Life Australia.  She continued, “In Thanh Xuan Village in Vietnam, locals collect the bodies of unborn babies and bury them in their cemetery.” http://english.vietnamnet.vn/en/society/25235/rising-abortions-stretch-foetus-cemetery.html  The report in the Viet Nam News stated that in 2004, the cemetery was divided into two parts – one for normal burials and one for the unborn.  “They are buried out of a sense of respect and villagers donate white cloth and funereal jars to bury the babies,” Dr Haller explained.

“Reports are now coming in about hundreds of unborn children being found in a Russian forest, for example, reported by Nick Pearson of Ninemsn News: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8504656/hundreds-of-human-foetuses-found-in-forest.  Preserved in formaldehyde and placed in plastic containers, they seem to have then been dumped in a ditch,” Dr Haller summarised.


Denton won't mention the House of Commons!

The British Parliament Voted Overwhelmingly Against Legalised Patient Killing. Why? Too Dangerous! Andrew Denton, poster boy of the euthanasia movement fails, unsurprisingly to refer to the OVERWHELMING vote against Assisted Suicide only last year


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