Proabortion POLL - Set-up!

 "It's not surprising that the pro-abortionists have been busy with a Newspoll Abortion Survey Victoria December 2013 to frighten Victorian MPs as the 2014 state election looms.  It's quite a compliment to us ...
 says Margaret Tighe,President Right to Life Australia.
"They are very aware of our successes at the 2010 election!   Let's look at the prime mover behind the poll. 
The former wife of the late Dr Bertram Wainer who ran Melbourne's first and busiest abortion clinic - Jo Wainer. Let's look at the dishonesty of the questions asked of respondents.
Firstly, people are asked about the availability of abortion to save the life of the mother and of the necessity for doctors to act in those circumstances.  
That's such an old chestnut!  As we all learned many years ago. Abortions are carried out today because a woman doesn't want a baby. The reasons behind this may be very pressing or they may be trivial. 
The reality is that babies can be killed in Victoria and Tasmania today right up to birth! For any reason. No questions asked!
And further - doctors and health professionals are required by law, to help a woman access abortion!
And further still, in Tasmania now one can't even conduct a silent protest outside an abortion facility. 
How come Ms Wainer - who has lived off the proceeds of Melbourne's busiest abortion clinic - and her proabortion mates - didn't have the courage to ask about babies being killed up to birth - some even being aborted live and left to die as is the case in Victoria.  And - where are their election results?  They came out of the woodwork once, at the Victorian 2010 state election in the electorate of Mt Waverley in support of the proabortion MP Maxine Morand against when we were running a very determined campaign.  Guess what? They didn't save her seat!  There was an 8% swing against her"!

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