Right to Life claims Woolridge Scalp

 "Mary Wooldridge M.P. Doncaster must regret her fatal vote for the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 because it cost her the seat of Kew" claimed The President of Right to Life Australia, Margaret Tighe.  Margaret Tighe said, “Fortunately for us, we have a large number of Right to Life members in the electorate of Kew, some of whom are Liberal Party members"
Mrs Tighe continued "We wrote to our Kew members on two occasions telling them of Mary Wooldridge’s vote and the true nature of the appalling Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 which allows abortion till birth and which penalises doctors who conscientiously object to referring women for abortions and may cost them loss of their registration!”
“The Sunday morning Liberal preselection vote in Kew was a great day for the babies!” said Margaret Tighe.

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