Mothering Day saddened

As Mothering day approaches in Australia this Sunday 10/5/14 we ask what motivated 25 year old Emily Letts of New Jersey to film herself having an abortion at the Cherry Hills Women’s Centre? Ms Letts featured on ninemsn 07/05/14 stated she is ‘in awe that I can make a baby. That I can make life”.

 It is strange that a Cosmopolitan women’s magazine article written by Heather Wood Rudulph, which broke the story, described it as a “non-graphic video” within the first four lines of the article. If the public were to see what this abortion was really all about, why was it necessary to advise them that the video was “non graphic”.  Surely this video, if Ms Letts wanted the world to see a “positive abortion” would show all components of the procedure, including the 2 or 3 week old embryo, who would have a beating heart at about 21 days.  Why were the doctors hidden?  Why did the abortionists not show their instruments at work - just like a heart transplant team – proud of their work?

Emily openly admits she was a mother But, although her child is living, she will kill the baby, because she doesn’t want the father. Ms Letts was gloating at the prolife movement, trying to convince us that her work in an abortion clinic could be aligned with any other “procedure”.  But it is not any procedure.  By smiling before and after the procedure, Emily has in one fell swoop validated every concern Right to Lifers have about abortion-an immoral personal choice, that ends a vulnerable human life, and now commonly carried out for any reason.

Abortion has a ripple effect on so many lives including Dads, grandparents, other family and friends.  Many women grieve as the reality of abortion affects them years later.  Many women approach Mothers’ Day with sadness, a feeling of loss and will never forget their baby, lost to abortion.

Women today in Australia are returning for treatment for infections as a result of abortions.  But even worse, abortion can cause death or near death.

A 40 year old mother of four, Ms Pheap Sem, escaped death and was in an intensive care unit with multiple organ failure. Her abortion was performed at 23 weeks, nearly 6 months of pregnancy, without anaesthetic.  In 2011 a 42 year old woman died after an abortion at a Marie Stopes abortuary in Melbourne 2011. 

In relation to a ‘simple RU 486” abortion, there have been 600 adverse events since 2006 after abortion drug RU 486 including 442 requiring D and C and 78 of ongoing pregnancy.  (Dept Health and Ageing)

Women attending “legal” abortion clinics have died or result in serious illness.  An Australian woman contracted streptococcus A infection and died of septsis in 2010 after taking RU 486 at a Marie Stopes clinic. 

Indeed the World Health Organisation has recently had a late conversion to the fact that making abortion legal does not make it safe.

Maybe her abortion was a positive experience for Ms Letts, but she is blissfully naive about the effect of abortion - death of the unborn - not just a filming experience!


Mary Collier

Right to Life Australia

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