"Due date" abortion exposed

Did you know that at 37+ weeks-[baby's due date]-a preborn perfect baby was aborted in Victoria in 2011.  Preborn babies over 20 weeks are being born alive in Victoria after their own abortions. The 37+ week baby was aborted for a "maternal psychosocial indication" for example economic or social reasons.   Abortion continues unabated in Victoria.
Preborn babies over 20 weeks are being born alive in Victoria after their own abortions. These babies are older than some premature, wanted babies who are saved with life-giving care in our hospitals.  What happens to the unwanted aborted born-alive babies?
This is confirmed by published Government data  about abortions over 20 weeks gestation.  
The 2011 Vic Government* report show 183 babies (4 per week) were aborted after 5 months of pregnancy for reasons related to mother's not baby's health. (maternal indications).  
A further 195 babies (4 per week) were aborted in 2011 for birth defects eg Down Syndrome. Alarmingly abortions extend now to killing babies with unconfirmed birth defects.
Latest released figures are 5 years old, from the Victorian Government CCOPMM*  

* CCOPMM Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity - Victoria Mothers and Babies.(combined two years results( 2010/11)

                       Late Term Abortions from CCOPMM Reports 2007-2011 
Table of over 20 weeks
The report covers public hospitals** but there is no reference to figures from Marie Stopes abortuaries or other private abortuaries.
Alamingly babies were aborted for suspected but NOT confirmed abnormalities (CA = congenital abnormality).  (see part Table 6.16 2010/11 report)
In 2011, 40 abortions resulted in live births.    (See table 1.1 from 2010/11 report)
In 2010 the figure showed 24 abortions resulting in live birth.  
Babies over 37 weeks gestation - nearly due date - are being aborted for social, economic, psychological reasons.  
Table 6.20b called Perinatal death, Victoria 2011, by PSANZ PDC and gestational age categories the death of the 37+week old preborn as a stillborn., Table 6.21 called Stillbirths, Victoria 2011, by PSANZ PDC and gestational age also categorises the death as a stillborn. 


Table  6.1.2 of the CCOPMM report 2010/11 states that a number of abortions in which the baby died after being born alive (perinatal death) have been excluded from the statistics (4 in 2010 and 4 in 2011). 






* CCOPMM Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity - Victoria Mothers and Babies.(combined two years results( 2010/11)

 **  Public Victorian Health Services identified in CCOPMM report 2010/11.  This information is not tabled in preliminary information of the report and is extracted from a table.

Central Gippsland Health Service
Northeast Health Wangaratta
SW Healthcare Warrnambool
West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Mildura Base Hospital
Latrobe Regional Hospital
Goulburn Valley Health
Bendigo Health Care Group
Sandringham & District Memorial Hospital
Ballarat Health Services
Casey Hospital
Albury Wodonga Health
Barwon Health
Mercy Werribee Public Hospital
Angliss Hospital
Box Hill Hospital
The Northern Hospital
Frankston Hospital
Dandenong Hospital Monash Medical Centre Clayton
Sunshine Hospital
Mercy Hospital for Women
Royal Women’s Hospital Statewide private hospitals     



The Andrews Government sanctions the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 in Victoria.  

Please write to your MLCs and MLAs and express your outrage about what is happening to Victoria's preborn babies.   

Tell them you want the killing of innocent life to stop.

 If you live in Victoria and would like to know your MLCs and MLAs contact details, please call the Right to Life Australia on (03) 9385 0111 or email us rtl@rtlaust.com  

If you would like more extensive information about the CCOPMM report 2010/2011 please email rtl@rtlaust.com











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