How your Victorian MP voted on voluntary assisted dying

The passage of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 was an appalling moment in the state's history. The following article outlines how your MP voted on the bill.


Victorian Legislative Assembly (lower house)

Friday 20 October 2017 (listed in Hansard as Thursday 19 October as debate continued overnight into next day)

Third reading of bill

The DEPUTY SPEAKER — The question is: That this bill be now read a third time.

House divided on motion:

Ayes, 47

Allan, Ms
Andrews, Mr
Britnell, Ms
Bull, Mr J.
Carroll, Mr
Couzens, Ms
D’Ambrosio, Ms
Dimopoulos, Mr
Donnellan, Mr
Edbrooke, Mr
Edwards, Ms
Eren, M
Foley, Mr
Garrett, Ms
Graley, Ms
Green, Ms
Halfpenny, Ms
Hennessy, Ms
Hibbins, Mr
Howard, Mr
Hutchins, Ms *
Kealy, Ms #
Kilkenny, Ms
Knight, Ms
Languiller, Mr
Lim, Mr *
McGuire, Mr
Morris, Mr
Nardella, Mr
Neville, Ms
Noonan, Mr
Pakula, Mr
Pallas, Mr
Paynter, Mr
Pearson, Mr
Perera, Mr
Sandell, Ms
Scott, Mr
Sheed, Ms
Spence, Ms
Staikos, Mr
Staley, Ms *
Thomas, Ms
Thomson, Ms
Ward, Ms
Williams, Ms
Wynne, Mr

Noes, 37

Angus, Mr
Battin, Mr
Blackwood, Mr
Blandthorn, Ms
Bull, Mr T.
Burgess, Mr
Carbines, Mr
Clark, Mr
Crisp, M
Dixon, Mr
Fyffe, Mrs *
Gidley, Mr
Guy, Mr
Hodgett, Mr
Kairouz, Ms
Katos, Mr
McCurdy, Mr
McLeish, Ms
Merlino, Mr
Northe, Mr
O’Brien, Mr D.
O’Brien, Mr M.
Pesutto, Mr
Richardson, Mr
Riordan, Mr
Ryall, Ms
Ryan, Ms
Smith, Mr R.
Smith, Mr T.
Southwick, Mr
Suleyman, Ms #
Thompson, Mr
Tilley, Mr
Wakeling, Mr
Walsh, Mr
Watt, Mr
Wells, Mr

Motion agreed to. Read third time.


Colin Brooks (Speaker), Heidi Victoria and Louise Asher did not vote on this motion. Lidia Thorpe was not yet in Parliament at the time of the vote, due to the passing of the member for Northcote, Fiona Richardson.

See further notes below for * / #

Victorian Legislative Council (upper house)

Wednesday 22 November 2017 (listed in Hansard as Tuesday 21 November 2017 as debate continued overnight into next day)

The question is: That the bill be now read a third time and do pass.

House divided on question:

Ayes, 22

Atkinson, Mr
Dalidakis, Mr
Dunn, Ms
Eideh, Mr
Gepp, Mr
Hartland, Ms
Jennings, Mr
Leane, Mr
Melhem, Mr
Mikakos, Ms
O’Donohue, Mr
Patten, Ms
Pennicuik, Ms
Pulford, Ms
Purcell, Mr
Ramsay, Mr
Ratnam, Dr
Shing, Ms
Springle, Ms
Symes, Ms
Tierney, Ms
Wooldridge, Ms

Noes, 18

Bath, Ms
Bourman, Mr
Carling-Jenkins, Dr
Crozier, Ms
Dalla-Riva, Mr
Davis, Mr
Elasmar, Mr
Finn, Mr
Fitzherbert, Ms
Lovell, Ms
Morris, Mr
Mulino, Mr
Ondarchie, Mr
O’Sullivan, Mr
Peulich, Mrs
Rich-Phillips, Mr
Somyurek, Mr
Young, Mr

Question agreed to. Read third time.

Further notes:

Upon return of the amended bill to the Legislative Assembly, a motion regarding an amendment to the bill for it to be deferred immediately was subsequently moved by Robert Clark on Wednesday 29 November 2017. See PDF of debate.

*: Christine Fyffe, Natalie Hutchins, Hong Lim and Louise Staley did not vote in debate of Robert Clark's amendment to defer the bill on Wednesday 29 November 2017.

Louise Asher and Heidi Victoria did not vote for the 3rd reading on Friday 20 October 2017. However, on Wednesday 29 November 2017, Louise Asher voted against the amendment, ie supporting the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017. Heidi Victoria on the same date voted for the amendment ie opposing the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017.

#: Emma Kealy voted for the Robert Clark amendment to defer the bill, ie opposing the bill, on Wednesday 29 November 2017, effectively reversing her position. Natalie Suleyman voted against the Robert Clark amendment to defer the bill, ie supporting the bill, on Wednesday 29 November, effectively reversing her position.


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