Patient Killing Looms in Western Australia

Western Australia's darkest day for the sick and vulnerable was on Thursday 5/12/19 with the passage of the Western Australian assisted suicide bill (24:11) through the Legislative Council. The amended bill is expected to pass the Assembly on its return -Tuesday 10/12/19.This legislation is an attack on humanity - a dangerous attack on those who don’t even have access to proper health care.” She said “It will put the lives of many vulnerable WA Australians unnecessarily at risk especially those living in outback and remote regions.

The greatest human rights issue today

Abortion is the greatest human rights issue facing Australia today. 

I speak of the deliberate ending of life of babies in the womb – babies we know are members of the human family - as are you and I.

In Australia today most states allow abortion right up till birth.   Many of you would not be aware of that.   

NSW abortion until birth bill must be stopped!

The second reading of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 has now passed the New South Wales Legislative Council 26 to 15. Please contact your Legislative Council members urgently. Tell them to vote against the bill. Amendments do not stop the killing of the unborn.

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