NSW abortion until birth bill must be stopped!

The second reading of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 has now passed the New South Wales Legislative Council 26 to 15. Please contact your Legislative Council members urgently. Tell them to vote against the bill. Amendments do not stop the killing of the unborn.

WA euthanasia recommendations even more extreme than Victoria's

 The Government of Western Australia is looking to introduce laws more liberal than Victoria's euthanasia laws. An expert panel in its recent report recommended that patients should be eligible if they are likely to die within 12 months. This differs from Victoria where terminally ill people must have less than 6 months to live.

South Australian politicians to decide on extreme abortion law changes soon

Action alert - South Australia

For our South Australian supporters, please contact your Members of the Legislative Council in South Australia urgently.

Tammy Franks MLC (Greens) has introduced the Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill 2018 to be debated on Wednesday 27 February 2019. Abortion is already available up to 7 months in South Australia.

The bill proposes that abortion:

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