NSW abortion until birth bill must be stopped!

The second reading of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 has now passed the New South Wales Legislative Council 26 to 15.

Please contact your Legislative Council members urgently. Tell them to vote against the bill. Amendments do not stop the killing of the unborn.

Contact NSW MLCs by mail at:

​​Parliament House
6 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Click here for a PDF of contact details (phone, fax, email).

Click here for Barnaby Joyce MP's excellent editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald against the bill.

Link to bill

Link to speeches on bill - Hansard

Here's how your NSW MLC voted:

Ayes: 26

Noes: 15

Majority: 11


  • Blair, Mr
  • Boyd, Ms A
  • Buttigieg, Mr M
  • D'Adam, Mr A
  • Faehrmann, Ms C
  • Fang, Mr W
  • Field, Mr J
  • Franklin, Mr B
  • Graham, Mr J
  • Harwin, Mr D
  • Hurst, Ms E
  • Jackson, Ms R
  • Khan, Mr T
  • Mallard, Mr S
  • Mitchell, Mrs
  • Mookhey, Mr D
  • Moriarty, Ms T
  • Pearson, Mr M
  • Primrose, Mr P
  • Searle, Mr A
  • Secord, Mr W
  • Sharpe, Ms P
  • Shoebridge, Mr D
  • Taylor, Mrs
  • Veitch, Mr M
  • Ward, Mrs N


  • Amato, Mr L
  • Banasiak, Mr M
  • Borsak, Mr R
  • Cusack, Ms C
  • Donnelly, Mr G
  • Farlow, Mr S
  • Houssos, Mrs C
  • Latham, Mr M
  • Maclaren-Jones, Mrs
  • Martin, Mr T
  • Mason-Cox, Mr M
  • Moselmane, Mr S
  • Nile, Revd Mr
  • Roberts, Mr R
  • Tudehope, Mr D

Motion agreed to.

Committee consideration of amendments will begin in the Legislative Council on Tuesday 17 September 2019.

As a reminder, the following is a list of the Members of the Legislative Assembly who voted for and against the abortion bill on 8 August 2019, which passed on the Third Reading by 59 to 31:

For the Abortion Bill

  • Jenny Aitchison (ALP)
  • Kevin Anderson (Nat.)
  • Stuart Ayres (Lib.)
  • John Barilaro (Nat.)
  • Clayton Barr (ALP)
  • Gladys Berejiklian (Lib.)
  • Roy Butler (SFF)
  • Prue Car (ALP)
  • Yasmin Catley (ALP)
  • A. Chanthivong (ALP)
  • Justin Clancy (Lib.)
  • Andrew Constance (Lib.)
  • Steph Cooke (Nat.)
  • Sophie Cotsis (ALP)
  • Tim Crakanthorp (ALP)
  • Adam Crouch (Lib.)
  • Michael Daley (ALP)
  • Helen Dalton (SFF)
  • Victor Dominello (Lib.)
  • Philip Donato (SFF)
  • Trish Doyle (ALP)
  • Lee Evans (Lib.)
  • Alex Greenwich (Ind.)
  • James Griffin (Lib.)
  • Christopher Gulaptis (Nat.)
  • Shelly Hancock (Lib.)
  • David Harris (ALP)
  • Jodie Harrison (ALP)
  • Jo Haylen (ALP)
  • Brad Hazzard (Lib.)
  • Alister Henskens (Lib.)
  • Ron Hoenig (ALP)
  • Matt Kean (Lib.)
  • Jenny Leong (Green)
  • Paul Lynch (ALP)
  • Adam Marshall (Nat.)
  • Jodi McKay (ALP)
  • David Mehan (ALP)
  • Chris Minns (ALP)
  • Marjorie O'Neill (ALP)
  • Ryan Park (ALP)
  • Jamie Parker (Greens)
  • Melinda Pavey (Lib.)
  • Greg Piper (Ind.)
  • Geoff Provest (Nat.)
  • Janelle Saffin (ALP)
  • Dugald Saunders (Nat.)
  • Paul Scully (ALP)
  • Gurmesh Singh (Nat.)
  • Tamara Smith (Green)
  • Liesl Tesch (ALP)
  • Paul Toole (Nat.)
  • Lynda Voltz (ALP)
  • Gareth Ward (Lib.)
  • Greg Warren (ALP)
  • Kate Washington (ALP)
  • Anna Watson (ALP)
  • Leslie Williams (Nat.)
  • Felicity Wilson (Lib.)

Against the Abortion Bill

  • Edmond Atalla (ALP)
  • Stephen Bali (ALP)
  • Stephen Bromhead (Nat.)
  • Kevin Conolly (Lib.)
  • Tanya Davies (Lib.)
  • Jihad Dib (ALP)
  • David Elliott (Lib.)
  • Julia Finn (ALP)
  • Melanie Gibbons (Lib.)
  • Michael Johnsen (Nat.)
  • Stephen Kamper (ALP)
  • Nick Lalich (ALP)
  • Geoff Lee (Lib.)
  • Wendy Lindsay (Lib.)
  • Hugh McDermott (ALP)
  • Joe McGirr (Ind.)
  • Tania Mihailuk (ALP)
  • Dominic Perrottet (Lib.)
  • Eleni Petinos (Lib.)
  • Robyn Preston (Lib.)
  • Anthony Roberts (Lib.)
  • Peter Sidgreaves (Lib.)
  • John Sidoti (Lib.)
  • Nat Smith (Lib.)
  • Mark Speakman (Lib.)
  • Rob Stokes (Lib.)
  • Mark Taylor (Lib)
  • Wendy Tuckerman (Lib)
  • Gabrielle Upton (Lib.)
  • Ray Williams (Lib.)
  • Guy Zangari (ALP)

WA euthanasia recommendations even more extreme than Victoria's

 The Government of Western Australia is looking to introduce laws more liberal than Victoria's euthanasia laws. An expert panel in its recent report recommended that patients should be eligible if they are likely to die within 12 months. This differs from Victoria where terminally ill people must have less than 6 months to live.

South Australian politicians to decide on extreme abortion law changes soon

Action alert - South Australia

For our South Australian supporters, please contact your Members of the Legislative Council in South Australia urgently.

Tammy Franks MLC (Greens) has introduced the Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill 2018 to be debated on Wednesday 27 February 2019. Abortion is already available up to 7 months in South Australia.

The bill proposes that abortion:

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