Despite the torturous crisis situation with NSW in lockdown MP Alex Greenwich has seized the opportunity to further his agenda on euthanasia.  The so called ‘consultation’ draft of his bill is a further step down the dangerous path of assisted suicide for Australians.  

It’s an absurd time for Greenwich to seek ‘consultation’ on a bill designed specifically to end the lives of elderly and vulnerable people.  Greenwich is out of touch with the people.  How can he adequately consult with the community in the middle of strict lockdown?  And his bill has been rushed as shown by s26(3), (ii) B which seems to remove the requirement for applicant’s illness to be terminal under this section.

Why doesn’t he wait until Parliament returns and introduce the bill through proper Parliamentary processes?   It is clear the reason why is that he is not serious about consulting with the community. 

The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021

George Christensen MP has proposed a bill in the House of Representatives called "The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021". The bill is expected to be tabled in early August 2021.

Currently, in most Australian states, doctors are not required to provide medical assistance to children born alive as a result of an abortion. These babies are left uncared for until they die. They deserve the same rights and medical treatment as any other human being.

Under the proposed bill, when a child is born alive as a result of an abortion, attending medical practitioners must take action to save the child's life. If they do not act to save the child they will face significant financial penalty and probable deregistration as a medical practitioner.

For more information on the bill, go to where you can sign a petition to support the bill.

Please contact your 1 member of the House of Representatives and your Senators for your state (12) or territory (2).A list of all members can be found here. If you don't know which electorate you are in, check at, a list of all Senators can be found here.

Canada's Slippery Slope coming to a state near you

The Second Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying released by the Canadian government is alarming.

4,120 Canadians euthanised because they had cancer but with no discussion with an oncologist about this course of action;

2,650 people who perceived they were a burden on their family, friends or caregivers;

1,373 people who requested that their lives be ended because they felt isolated and lonely;

1,253 with non-terminal conditions

227 people who were put to death because they were frail;

322 people who needed disability support services but did not receive them;

126 people who needed, but could not access, palliative care were given access to the lethal jab;

59 people who the practitioner assessed as requesting a lethal injection "voluntarily" determined the alleged voluntariness without directly consulting with the person.

This mirrors the situation in Holland where euthanasia was legalised over 20 year ago! Figures released by the Dutch government in 2015 showed 431 people were euthanised without their consent.  Source: Statistics Netherlands, Den Haag/Heerlen Deaths my medical end-of-life decision; age, cause of death, 24 May 2017.  However many so-called ‘safeguards’ are added to any euthanasia bill the international evidence is compelling - euthanasia can never be made safe.

The argument that euthanasia is ‘just for the terminally ill in pain’ is a furphy.  As shown in Canada euthanasia is used as a panacea for a myriad of medical and societal issues such as isolation, loneliness, feeling like a burden or simply just being frail.  Who will be next?

Stop euthanasia now.  Remember - the life you save may be your own.

Mary Collier
The Right to Life Australia Inc.
(03) 9385 0100

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