Right to Life Australia targets Daniel Andrews

Media Release

The Right to Life Australia Inc. today announced that it was targeting opposition Leader Daniel Andrews for defeat in his electorate of Mulgrave.
President Margaret Tighe said, “There is one reason only for our campaign and that was the major role he played in shepherding the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 through the Parliament, of behalf of the then Brumby government.”
She continued, “Every amendment that was put forward by other MP's during debate on the legislation, in an attempt to remove some of its worst excesses, was opposed by Daniel Andrews as Health Minister.”
She went on to say that, “Principally Daniel Andrews’ justification for supporting the law was that it would not make any difference to the number of abortions already performed in Victoria. Evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.”
“Since the passage of this law,” said Margaret Tighe, “late abortions have increased as have the numbers of babies aborted live and left to die. The current law allows abortion up till birth as long as two doctors reasonably believe it is appropriate. The law requires no more of them! There is no penalty so no doctor can or will be prosecuted for any abortion.”
“The Right to Life Australia will also be targeting Jude Perera, member for Cranbourne, for his vote in support of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 which was accompanied by comparisons between here and the very high rate of abortion in Sri Lanka – a country with a violent history in fairly recent times – a case of violence begets violence.”
“We shall also be calling for a vote in Bellarine against Lisa Neville, who as Minister for Community Services, voted for the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008,” said Margaret Tighe.
She concluded, “As well, we shall be encouraging our members and supporters to question the major party candidates in their electorates, on the abortion issue. Despite the urgency of some of the major issues confronting voters – health, education etc, surely there is no more urgent priority than that of protecting the lives of all children in the womb."
For more information contact Margaret Tighe on 03 9385 0100.

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