Termination of 7 month old unborn

Right to Life Australia is appalled at the sanctioning of an abortion by the parents of a 7 month old unborn baby with a minor disability.(Sydney Morning Herald 12/12/14).  The decision was related to a number of "social factors" including guilt, fear and feeling abandoned.    Complicating this, is that Cindy – mum-to-be- was brought up in China- and her view about a baby with a disability would of course have been affected by her experiences there.
The feeling of abandonment showed that Mum felt alone in dealing with her feelings associated with the diagnosis of an baby with a disability.  
Of course there is a need to help parents cope with support groups which are instrumental to their adjustment to the diagnosis.  Lachlan de Crespigny states that “women are the losers”.   He is partially correct……. Doctors and others like him failed in their duty to ensure that a vulnerable pregnant mother was psychologically  nourished - instead terminating her child.   Cindy “fell through the cracks”.   
Westmead Children’s Hospital operates a world renowned clinic for the treatment of children with congenital limb disabilities.  The Limb Clinic is staffed with Paediatric Rehabilition Specialists, surgeons, occupational therapists and biomedical engineers.  Yet this hospital, with all of its practical resources and know-how failed to assist the family but referred Cindy to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for the late term abortion.
Australia is participating in the practice of eugenics by targeting the unborn child with disabilities, either minor or major.  Many babies over 20 weeks old with disabilities are born alive and left to die after their own abortions. [latest Vic figures-40 born alive in 2011].  No child should be discriminated against because it does not meet the standards of "perfection".    

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