Licence to kill is bad public policy

Granting a licence to kill people is bad public policy.  Politicians have to take responsibility for making life and death decisions about their constituents.  They are our elected representatives.  Their first duty is to protect the lives of the country’s citizens.

Euthanasia has been rejected by Parliaments.  The Victorian Legislative Council rejected the “Medical Treatment (Physician Assisted Dying Bill) 2008” 13/25.  The Tasmanian Legislative Assembly rejected the “Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill” in 2013, 11/13.  The NSW Legislative Council rejected the “The Rights of the Terminally Ill” bill in 2013, 11/23.  In 2012 the South Australian Legislative Assembly rejected the “Ending Life With Dignity” bill on the voices.  When the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly passed “The Rights of the Terminally Ill Act” in 1995, the then Dr Nitschke assisted 4 people to commit suicide, until it was made ineffective by the Federal Governments “Euthanasia Laws Act 1997.

The pro-death lobby present a few hard cases, but politicians have to make laws for everyone.  Hard cases make bad law.  Euthanasia would make doctors, trained to heal and save lives, into executioners.  Vulnerable people who do not want to die, would be pressured and coerced.  Euthanasia opens to the door to the ultimate in elder abuse.  We have received calls from people with a disability, saying, “They want to get rid of us.”  Everyone has the right to life, whether they have a disability, are ill or not wanted by their family.  It is not good public policy to introduce a law that allows one group of people to kill another group of people.  This opposes medical and legal ethics.

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