UK euthanasia bill rejected

U.K. Assisted Dying bill rejected by House of Commons 330:118

Media Release

14th September 2015

“The Right to Life Australia welcomes the news that the U.K. Assisted Dying bill was rejected by the House of Commons by a margin of 3:1,” said Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer of The Right to Life Australia.

She continued, “The Guardian newspaper was impressed by the high quality of the speeches, in particular of Caroline Spelman who said, “the sanctity of life should be respected and older people should not feel they are a burden on their families.” Liam Fox feared “the legislation would open a “Pandora’s Box” and overturn 2000 years of Hippocratic Oath.” Lyn Brown was concerned that “elderly people could be “emotionally blackmailed” by relatives to end their lives.”

Dr Haller added, “It was opposed by a group called, “Not Dead Yet” and people who had a disability, fearing that their lives would be at risk if the bill passed.”

“Dr Phillippe Whitford explained that as we get older our horizons narrow, and what we might consider horrific now, in advance, can be considered a good day, because as we get older we will have changed,” she said.

“That was a good day for people who are vulnerable and threatened,” Dr Haller continued, and concluded, “Everyone has the right to life, including the old, sick and those with a disability.”

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