Troy Newman Update

Despite the visa revocation of our keynote speaker - Troy Newman - and his subsequent return to the USA, we pledged to continue his tour around the nation sending members of the Right to Life team to address our groups. 

Our Conference went ahead as scheduled on Friday 2 October 2015. Simultaneously our representatives attended the High Court proceedings, which continued in Melbourne despite being a Public Holiday.

Guest speakers included a retired eminent Melbourne surgeon, a consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC (Vic) and President of Right to Life Australia Mrs Margaret Tighe.

Troy Newman prepared material for his arrival back in Los Angeles where he was warmly greeted by his supporters at the airport. After two days in a detention centre in Melbourne he was finally reunited with his long suffering wife Mellissa who had bravely stayed in Melbourne alone and without luggage from their United Airlines flight (which commenced in Witicha USA). We arranged an evening out with drinks and dinner in a Melbourne city Greek restaurant to show her that the people of Australia welcome her.

We held speaking engagements in Hobart, Brisbane and Cairns and spoke on his behalf about the slaughter of the unborn in Australia and about the investigations into Planned Parenthood of America - the videos which have shocked the world, but not publicised in Australia unless you follow prolife media such as LifeSiteNews and LifeNews.

The Australian government allocates financial aid to International Planned Parenthood annually. 

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Troy Newman (President Operation Rescue) and the Center for Medical Progress and wish to thank him and his Board for the difficult and unrelenting work they do as advocates for the rights of the unborn child, the greatest human rights issue of today.


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