Victoria NOT the Garden State

Julia Medew’s report in today’s (27/10/15) Age “Abortion Tourism thriving in Victoria” reflects a situation that should make the Andrews’ government hang its head in shame.

No longer are we the “garden state” but rather Australia’s “abortion state”.Since passage of the “Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 pushed through parliament by Daniel Andrews – then the Brumby government’s Health Minister – abortions can be carried out up till birth. Indeed, (as per the Medew article) on the demand - by a Victorian woman for an abortion at 26 weeks on psycho-social grounds (Age 23/10/15) illustrated, are expected to be provided.

 On Sunday 25 October 2015 a special gathering was held in Melbourne to celebrate children who had been born prematurely and who had survived – one having been born at 23 weeks! Some weeks ago we saw a celebration of children with Down syndrome. Yet both these categories of babies are aborted with the current abortion law!Meanwhile the Andrews’ government wants to legislate to stop any protest against this brutal denial of the most basic of human rights.

Margaret Tighe


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