Victoria’s shame – ban on abortion protests

Media Release Friday 27 November 2015

“Today is a tragic day for the smallest Victorians – those living in the womb of their mothers,” said Margaret Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia following the passage through the Victorian Parliament of the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Act 2015 in the early hours of today.

Margaret Tighe said, “It is a bill that seeks to silence once and for all, even the mildest few protests against the killing of the unborn that is entrenched in the state of Victoria. The Labor Party in Victoria has clearly become the abortion party, denying its MPs a conscience vote on the issue – as is their due – and dancing to the tune of the dubious Sex Party – with one member – and the Greens.”

Mrs Tighe confirmed, “The legislation that has been passed is ludicrous in the extreme installing a 150 metre buffer zone around any place where abortions are carried out, even GP clinics, where RU 486 abortions are procured!”

“The knocking back of every tiny amendment to this bill has now defined it as the most extremely piece of legislation in this state. Not only is protesting banned but praying or any religious practice in a buffer zone is to carry a jail term of 12 months and $75,000 fine. This legislation now completely denies free speech about the true nature of abortion in places in the vicinity of abortuaries.”

Margaret Tighe concluded, “By passing legislation of this kind the Andrews government believes the abortion issue will go away when the reverse is likely to occur. People will not remain silent in the face of so much killing of human life”.

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