Qld- Not "Beautiful one day, Perfect the next"

Not "Beautiful one day, Perfect the next"   It is not surprising that Caroline de Costa and Helen Douglas, lobbyists for abortion up to due-date have hopped on the bandwagon of a Queensland push to open the floodgates of unrestricted abortion. Their “gold standard” is the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008.  The reality is this Act presides over the slaughter of the preborn up until birth in Victoria.

After Queensland MP Rob Pyne introduced a bill to deregulate abortion in the state this fuelled their call for “national consistency”.  Rob Pyne MP quoted the following reasons when briefing Parliament on his bill - “ruining young lives” or “if families think [pregnancy] unadvantageous” and supporting a “woman’s rights to her body”.

These are the same psycho-social reasons being used in Victoria now as excuses for abortion performed up to birth. Abortion is unrestricted up until 6 months, when a baby is kicking, smiling and even has its nursery decorated.  After this time, up to birth, two doctors, who can be abortionist and anaesthetist can perform an abortion. 

The Queensland bill, as per the Victorian Act provides NO protection whatsoever for the preborn.  Doctors are unable to exercise their conscience in objecting to referring a woman for an abortion and are legally forced to refer on to someone who will.A doctor in Victoria was disciplined for refusing to refer for a sex-selection abortion. The woman did not want a girl! This is the bill proposed in Queensland.

A baby was aborted after 37+ weeks in Victoria in 2011 for “maternal reasons” (CCOPMM report 2010/11).

In Victoria, because of “suspected but not confirmed” health abnormality, in both 2010 and 2011 a baby was aborted, born alive and died after the abortion some time up to 28 days later (neonatal death).

Children are aborted for congenital problems eg Down Syndrome when at the same time, the nation applauds the healthy strapper of the jockey who wins the Melbourne Cup, who has Down Syndrome.

Queenslanders need to know the reality of what the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 has brought. Victoria is no longer the garden state, but the state of preborn sacrifice.
Pregnancy does not ruin lives, it is not un-advantageous. It is the growth of a genetically unique new life and should always be celebrated and protected.  12/5/16

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