Oppose Legal Killing in Victoria

Have you written to the Premier, Daniel Andrews opposing plans for euthanasia? ACT TODAY!  A handwritten letter is best. Address to Hon Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Parliament House,Spring Street,Melbourne Victoria 3002 or email daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au  Looking for arguments against killing in all its disguises?

Basic Arguments Again Killing in All Its Disguises

1.  The basic objection to any bill which legalizes the killing of a patient either by the patient him or herself with the direct involvement of a medical practitioner, which is of course assisted suicide, or the direct killing of the patient by a medical practitioner, which is a homicide:
The basic objection is that all euthanasia bills legalize killing either directly when the medical practitioner does the killing or indirectly when the medical practitioner is actively involved by assisting the patient to kill him or herself.

2.  If we are feeling depressed, in pain or fearful of the future, we need to be properly treated or referred appropriately, not killed or in any way assisted to commit the act of self-killing which is suicide.

3.  On the death certificate what has caused the death of the patient in the case of euthanasia?

4.  In almost all euthanasia bills the doctor is required to certify the death as due to the underlying illness, that is, to lie (though falsifying a death   certificate is currently a punishable offence), and the death is not to be regarded, for the purposes of the Act, as any form of homicide, even though it was unquestionably homicide.
5.  Truth must yield to weasel words for bills to kill to succeed.

Legalizing doctor-assisted self-killing would be a grave mistake for four reasons.
First, legalizing doctor -assisted self-killing destroys the protection of human life by legalizing killing;
Second, legalizing doctor -assisted self-killing endangers the weak and vulnerable.
Third, legalizing doctor -assisted self-killing corrupts the practice of medicine when doctors become killers;
Fourth, legalizing doctor -assisted self-killing betrays human dignity by enshrining the practice of self-killing in law

6.  Victorians must never help people to kill themselves. Victorians must offer people appropriate medical care and personal support. We should respond to suffering with humane care.
7.  Doctors should help their patients to die a dignified death of natural causes, not assist in their killing themselves or being killed.

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