Queensland Late Term abortions will Skyrocket with Rob Pyne MP bill

Queensland Late Term abortions will Skyrocket with Rob Pyne MP bill

Queensland MP Rob Pyne’s Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill 2016 Bill tabled 17/8/16 http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/Documents/TableOffice/TabledPapers/2016/5516T1292.pdf
is purely a rehash of his bill introduced only 3 months ago. This bill-again-will provide no element of protection for the preborn child – which presumably Mr Pyne needed to “reassure” most Queenslanders appalled at Late Term abortions.  If Mr Pyne MP looks to Victoria for the construction of his new bill, he should be aware of the outcomes in that state since decriminalisation. So-called safeguards to “limit the numbers” of unborn babies killed have not been effective in Victoria.

It seems Mr Pyne MP has also not been listening to testimony of doctors advising that women seeking abortions for psychosocial reasons are even more at risk of severe psychological problems after their abortions.

Mr Pyne MP seeks to use the current law in Victoria as his new benchmark, by stipulating a doctor can only perform an abortion after 6 months gestation (24 weeks) if he or she reasonably believes continuing the pregnancy would involve a greater risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the woman. Another doctor must agree before the termination can proceed.

In Victoria, since decriminalisation in 2008, government figures show escalating numbers of abortions after 6 months gestation. The word decriminalisation is a euphemism for deregulation in effect.
Victorian law has presided over 2,170 Late Term abortions alone since 2008. In addition figures after 2013 are not even released yet. In 2013 the number of Late Term abortions in Victoria was 358 - one every day of the week.
It is a fallacy that Late Term abortions will be only for those babies with severe abnormalities. 50% abortions in Victoria are for psycho-social reasons - over 1000 abortions since 2008 have been purely for economic, psychological or social reasons. I.e. not related to the baby’s health at all.
The figure of 27 babies in Queensland who were born alive after abortions in 2015, will skyrocket to Victorian levels – in 2011 there were 40 babies born alive after their own abortions. A 37+ week gestation baby, was aborted in Victoria in 2011 for psycho-social reasons.

The jargon used by the legislators who passed the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 is being rehashed by Mr Pyne. Make no mistake -this bill provides abortion up to due-date for any reason.


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