Is the Victorian Minister for Health going to be the Minister for Death?

Right to Life Australia media release - Wednesday 14 September 2016

“It is greatly concerning that the Victorian Minister for Health has “no religious or ethical objection” to euthanasia, which is patient killing,” said Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer of the Right to Life Australia.

“The glue that keeps society together and the ethics of our institutions of medicine and law is the norm that we do not kill each other,” she said.

Dr Haller recalled the story of Sally - “Sally was persuaded by her son to sign over her house into his name. He promptly sold it and put her in a bungalow in his backyard. He and his wife then enjoyed an overseas holiday with proceeds of the sale. When they returned, Sally was told that she had to go, because their 15 year old daughter wanted to move out of the house into the bungalow.”

“Sally was put into an aged care facility, into the “functional” Department. She was so shocked and sad that her son and daughter-in-law did this to her, that she quickly deteriorated into the “Frail” Department. If euthanasia was legal, Sally would have been done away with much sooner by her son and greedy daughter-in-law.”

“Legalising euthanasia puts elderly, sick and frail people at great risk,” concluded Dr Haller. She added, “It is the responsibility of our politicians to protect our lives. They have a higher duty to consider the common good and the welfare of the vulnerable in the community.”

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