South Australian politicians to decide on extreme abortion law changes soon

Action alert - South Australia

For our South Australian supporters, please contact your Members of the Legislative Council in South Australia urgently.

Tammy Franks MLC (Greens) has introduced the Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill 2018 to be debated on Wednesday 27 February 2019. Abortion is already available up to 7 months in South Australia.

The bill proposes that abortion:


  • Will be allowed until birth with no reason required. They will not have to be performed in hospitals or by doctors.
  • There will be exclusion zones that will give police extreme powers over those who DO NO HARM. This is totally unjust, unnecessary and unsafe.

In Victoria, abortion has been deregulated since 2008 – over 10 years - with no restrictions whatsoever (with passage of Abortion Law Reform Act 2008).

Since 2008 the numbers of late term abortions have skyrocketed - 358 late term abortions in 2013 including one baby aborted at 37+ weeks for maternal psychosocial reasons. Babies are aborted live and left to die – 33 in 2016, 53 in 2012! Source

Please write to all MLCs, using the address: "Parliament House North Terrace, South Australia 5000" and ask that they reject the abortion bill. See the below table.

If unable to write, please email or phone your MLCs.

You may wish to hand deliver the letters to Parliament House (enveloped separately) to avoid postage costs.

Name  Party Phone Email
Hon Connie Bonaros SA-Best 08 8237 9100
Hon Emily Bourke Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9488
Hon John Darley Independent 08 8237 9114
Hon John Dawkins Liberal Party 1800 182 097
Hon Tammy Franks Greens SA 08 8237 9296
Hon Justin Hanson Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9340
Hon Dennis Hood Liberal Party 08 8237 9340
Hon Ian Hunter Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Jing Lee Liberal Party 08 8237 9408
Hon Michelle Lensink Liberal Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Rob Lucas Liberal Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Kyam Maher Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Andrew McLachlan CSC Liberal Party 08 8237 9182
Hon Tung Ngo Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9276
Hon Frank Pangallo SA-Best 08 8237 9100
Hon Mark Parnell Greens SA 08 8237 9100
Hon Irene Pnevmatikos Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9100
Hon David Ridgway Liberal Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Clare Scriven Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Terry Stephens Liberal Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Stephen Wade Liberal Party 08 8237 9100
Hon Russell Wortley Australian Labor Party 08 8237 9381

You may also wish to watch this YouTube video containing an interview with pro-life politician Ann Bressington, who was a member of the South Australian Legislative Council from 2006 to 2014. At the 6 minute 30 second mark of the video, she discusses Babies Born Alive in South Australia, specifically babies thrown into a kidney dish and wheeled into a freezer to die.

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