Queensland Premier stands condemned on assisted suicide

The Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is delaying consideration of euthanasia laws until next year giving pro-lifers an opportunity to express your opposition to euthanasia.

Mrs Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia, said, "Ms Palaszczuk's latest embracing of the 'better off dead' principle which has followed the 2018 passage of an abortion till birth bill clearly illustrates her contempt for the value of every human life."

"It is obvious," continued Mrs Tighe, "this latest attack on human life is yet another example of how Labor in Australia has become a party of social engineering as we have seen in Victoria and Western Australia with the passage of their euthanasia bills."

During the recent election campaign, the Queensland Premier even promised to fast track debate of the euthanasia bill by February, before the Queensland Law Reform Commission has even lodged its report in March! Clearly the Queensland Labor Government believes assisted suicide is electorally popular. Read more on this issue, including pre election comments by Brisbane's Catholic Archbishop Mark Coleridge, here (only available to The Australian online subscribers).

If you live in Queensland, we urge you to contact your member of the Legislative Assembly (lower house) in the state Parliament and express your opposition to any form of euthanasia/assisted suicide. At the time of writing (November 2020), election results are yet to be completely finalised, however existing members contact details can be found hereIf you are not aware of which electorate you are in, click here.

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