Action alert: abortion bill in South Australia, contact your representatives now!

The Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 is currently being debated in the South Australian Legislative Council (Upper House).

This bill will now allow abortion up to birth in South Australia.

If the bill passes the Legislative Council it will then move to the House of Assembly for a final vote.

We need your help to contact your 22 Legislative Council (Upper House) MPs and your one House of Assembly (lower house) MP.

We realise that the COVID-19 situation in South Australia will be on all of your minds. There will probably be delays in Australia Post mail service. It is best to telephone your MPs offices or send an email.

Abortion law in South Australia already allows women to seek an abortion with some restrictions.

However, this bill seeks to ease abortion restrictions even further:

  1. There will be no restriction on abortion up to 22 weeks 6 days gestation.
  2. After that point, two medical practitioners will approve approving that the abortion termination if is medically ‘appropriate’ - this means abortion to birth!
  3. Social and psychological considerations are to be considered – so many reasons are acceptable.
  4. Any other registered health practitioner will be able to prescribe abortion drugs eg RU486.

The bill is expected to be debated next week, so we need your help to call or email your MPs. Please see their contact details below.

If writing an email to your MP, we ask you to begin the email with the following line:

I am writing as a resident of [Suburb], South Australia, regarding the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 that will legalise abortion up to birth.

Some points you may wish to include in an email:

  • This bill removes all legal protections for the unborn child.
  • Abortion is not a “medical procedure’. It ends the life of a living unborn human being.
  • This bill is a form of lethal discrimination - there is lavish care, quite properly given to babies in our neonatal units - yet under this bill those same babies are able to be aborted.
  • A bill which allows for babies to be aborted because of social ‘circumstances’ is unacceptable -we are supposedly a civilised society.
  • A government should be providing all the support it can to mothers in difficult circumstances, not disposing of South Australian children of the future.

List of House of Assembly (lower house) MPs - contact your one member (if you don't know your electorate, check here)

Member nameDistrictPartyEmail addressTelephone
Basham, Hon David Keith 8552 2152
Bedford, Ms Frances 8263 2666
Bell, Mr Troy StephenMount 8724 9944
Bettison, Hon Zoe 8258 0480
Bignell, Hon Leon William 8553 2974 (Kangaroo Island) / 08 8556 5722 (Aldinga Beach)
Boyer, Mr Blair 8250 8317
Brock, Hon Geoffrey Graeme (Geoff) 8633 1210
Brown, Mr Michael 8263 3777
Chapman, Hon Vickie 8332 4799
Close, Dr Susan ElizabethPort 8241 0300
Cook, Ms Natalie Fleur (Nat)Hurtle 8325 0719
Cowdrey OAM, Mr Matthew John (Matt) 8353 1111
Cregan, Mr Daniel Roy (Dan) 8391 5599
Duluk, Mr Samuel John (Sam) 8278 5844
Ellis, Mr Fraser 8832 2455
Gardner, Hon John Anthony 8365 4224
Gee, Mr Jonathan Peter (Jon) 8254 1023
Harvey, Dr Richard 8264 4482
Hildyard, Ms Katrine 8382 0409
Hughes, Mr Edward Joseph (Eddie) 8645 7800
Knoll, Mr Stephan 8563 3636
Koutsantonis, Hon Anastasious (Tom)West 8234 0777
Luethen, Ms Paula 8288 8218
Malinauskas, Mr Peter 8346 2462
Marshall, Hon Steven 8363 9111
McBride, Mr Philip Nicholas (Nick) 8762 1211
Michaels, Ms 8260 7733
Mullighan, Hon Stephen 8449 4288
Murray, Mr Stephen Peter (Steve) 8270 5122
Odenwalder, Mr Lee 8255 3030
Patterson, Hon Stephen John 8294 6711
Pederick, Mr Adrian 8531 1676
Piccolo, Hon Antonio (Tony) 8522 2878
Picton, Mr Christopher James (Chris) 8327 0900
Pisoni, Hon David 8373 4846
Power, Mrs Carolyn 8374 1939
Sanderson, Hon 8269 1838
Speirs, Hon David 8296 9833
Stinson, Ms Jayne 8371 5600
Szakacs, Mr Joseph Karl (Joe) 8243 0062
Tarzia, Hon Vincent 8365 1341
Teague, Hon Joshua Baden (Josh) 8339 5077
Treloar, Mr Peter 8625 2392 (Ceduna Office) / 08 8683 0722 (Port Lincoln)
van Holst Pellekaan, Hon Daniel Cornelis (Dan) / 8642 3633 (Port Augusta) / 08 8566 2099 (Kapunda) (Monday to Thursday 9am - 3pm)
Whetstone, Mr Timothy John (Tim) 8582 4230
Wingard, Hon Corey 8377 3500
Wortley, Ms Dana 8369 2323

List of Legislative Council (Upper House) MPs - contact all members

Member namePartyEmail addressPhone
Hon Constadina (Connie) 8237 9100
Hon Emily Sarah BourkeAustralian Labor 8237 9488
Hon Nicola Jane CentofantiLiberal 8237 9350
Hon John Andrew 8237 9113
Hon John Samuel Letts DawkinsLiberal 182 097
Hon Tammy Anne FranksGreens 8237 9296
Hon Justin Eric HansonAustralian Labor 8237 9340
Hon Dennis Garry Edward HoodLiberal 8237 9100
Hon Ian Keith HunterAustralian Labor 8237 9100
Hon Jing Shyuan LeeLiberal 8237 9408
Hon Jacqueline Michelle Ann LensinkLiberal 8463 6560
Hon Robert Ivan LucasLiberal 8226 1866
Hon Kyam Joseph MaherAustralian Labor 8237 9190
Hon Tung The NgoAustralian Labor 8237 9276
Hon Frank 8237 9355
Hon Mark Charles ParnellGreens 8237 9100
Hon Irene PnevmatikosAustralian Labor 8237 9100
Hon David Wickham RidgwayLiberal 8237 9100
Hon Clare Michele ScrivenAustralian Labor 8237 9100
Hon Terence John StephensLiberal 8237 9100
Hon Stephen Graham WadeLiberal 8463 6270
Hon Russell Paul WortleyAustralian Labor 8237 9381

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