Media release: Physician Assisted Suicide Defeated In Tasmania

The President of Right to Life Australia, Mrs Margaret Tighe, welcomed news of the defeat in the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 sponsored by Premier Lara Giddings and her deputy Hon Nick McKim.
Mrs Tighe said, “The reality is that the title of the bill actually spells out what it is about.  The bottom line is that if passed, it would have allowed just that on the basis of the patient’s decision that, because of a medical condition, disease or injury, life was intolerable and he/she could request assistance to die – as long as a few flimsy conditions were met”.
She continued – “The person seeking a procured death from a doctor may have had arthritis, asthma, heart disease, mental illness-depression- a whole range of common and treatable conditions – and he/she could say ‘my life is intolerable Doctor, and I want to end it”.
“In other words” said Mrs Tighe “the bill was a passport to physician assisted suicide and the elderly and infirm and the most vulnerable are fortunate that it has been defeated. I praise those courageous MPs who opposed it”.
She concluded, “The involvement of the Greens party in the push for patient killing illustrates clearly that they are not just concerned about the environment but rather heavily into social engineering”. 

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