Law reform must not trample on rights of conscience

The President of Right to Life Australia Mrs Margaret Tighe supports Geoff Shaw MP's news of a likely move on Victoria’s appalling Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 in relation to the actions of doctors who refuse to participate in abortions or referrals for abortion.

Mrs Tighe said, "The wiping away in Victoria in 2008 of any protection for children in the womb up to birth and the provision in the law that forces health professionals to be a party to abortion is the worst legacy of the former Brumby government."
Mrs Tighe said, "Interestingly, The Age newspaper ran an editorial titled Law reform must not trample on rights of conscience on 24 September 2008, just prior to the vote that removed all rights of the unborn child in this state." She went on to say, "Our successful marginal seat campaign in the 2010 Victorian election, in which 7 out of 9 pro-abortion MPs lost their seats, was the cause of the demise of the Brumby government."
In conclusion Mrs Tighe said, "It is high time that the Napthine government started winding back this atrocious piece of legislation which discriminates firstly against unwanted children in the womb, and all registered health practitioners who include pharmacists, midwives, nurses and Chinese medicine practitioners! This is only the beginning."
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