Patient Killing now legal in Western Australia

Western Australia's darkest day for the sick and vulnerable was in December 2019 with the passage of the Western Australian assisted suicide bill (24:11) through the Legislative Council and then passed with amendments through the Legislative Assembly.This legislation is an attack on humanity - a dangerous attack on those who don’t even have access to proper health care.” She said “It will put the lives of many vulnerable WA Australians unnecessarily at risk especially those living in outback and remote regions.

 This state funded regime allows doctors to kill the terminally ill either by lethal injection or by giving the poison to the person to self-administer.  A person may keep the poison at home, unsupervised, and then injest the poison alone, giving rise to hideous complications as seen overseas.  Those in our society who care for patients strongly expressed their opposition to the bill. Over 150 WA medical practitioners, including senior oncologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists and palliative medicine specialists wrote to MPs about their concerns.   The doctors said “Assisting our patients to commit suicide or intentionally killing them by euthanasia is never acceptable. It is not and can never be regarded as medical treatment or medical care.

Furthermore, both WA Labor Senator Pat Dodson and Hon. Ken Wyatt AM MP (ALP) are rightly very concerned about the impact on Aboriginal people many of whom lack access to proper modern-day health care.  With legislation such as this it could easily become cheaper and quicker to kill rather than to care.  

As the debate progressed the paucity of palliative care in remote areas of WA was exposed.  As Hon Peter Collier MLC said this afternoon in relation to the lack of healthcare “In Kalgoolie you are not even able to have your tonsils removed!  Yet when faced with the facts about palliative care, the government announced it will send up to 8 people to remote areas to ensure patients receive access to assisted suicide! 

Experience from those countries in the world of the dangers of physician assisted suicide should have sounded a warning against it. Statistics from Holland, Belgium & Switzerland prove it is out of control. Official figures from Holland in 2015 show 431 people had their lives ended without their consent.  These facts influenced the British Parliament in 2015 when they voted overwhelmingly against legalised euthanasia. The Scottish and Welsh Parliament since voted likewise.

This is a bill of despair and lack of hope.  It sends a message that some lives are not worthy to be lived.  Its passage is a great tragedy for Australia.

Listen to Hon Nick Goiran MLC's outstanding speech just before the final vote.  See this video - Nick Goiran MLC speaks at 32:40 mins 

RESULT: Read Hansard including the final vote Thursday 5 December 2019.  Third reading vote is at page 9908.

[COUNCIL — Thursday, 5 December 2019] Division Question put and a division taken with the following result —

Ayes (24) Hon Martin Aldridge, Hon Stephen Dawson, Hon Alannah MacTiernan, Hon Aaron Stonehouse, Hon Jacqui Boydell, Hon Colin de Grussa, Hon Kyle McGinn, Hon Matthew Swinbourn, Hon Robin Chapple, Hon Sue Ellery, Hon Martin Pritchard, Hon Dr Sally Talbot, Hon Jim Chown, Hon Diane Evers, Hon Samantha Rowe, Hon Darren West, Hon Tim Clifford, Hon Laurie Graham, Hon Robin Scott, Hon Alison Xamon, Hon Alanna Clohesy, Hon Colin Holt, Hon Tjorn Sibma, Hon Pierre Yang (Teller)

Noes (11) Hon Ken Baston, Hon Adele Farina, Hon Simon O’Brien, Hon Colin Tincknell, Hon Peter Collier, Hon Rick Mazza, Hon Charles Smith, Hon Nick Goiran (Teller), Hon Donna Faragher, Hon Michael Mischin, Hon Dr Steve Thomas,

Question thus passed. Bill read a third time and returned to the Assembly with amendments

The greatest human rights issue today

Abortion is the greatest human rights issue facing Australia today. 

I speak of the deliberate ending of life of babies in the womb – babies we know are members of the human family - as are you and I.

In Australia today most states allow abortion right up till birth.   Many of you would not be aware of that.   

STOP patient killing in Western Australia

Alarm Bells for WA! Contact your 6 Members of Legislative Council WA now! All West Australians should be rightly alarmed as the WA government debates the legislation of patient killing in the Legislative council this week (Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019).  Enter postcode or suburb to find your region:

NSW abortion until birth bill must be stopped!

The second reading of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 has now passed the New South Wales Legislative Council 26 to 15. Please contact your Legislative Council members urgently. Tell them to vote against the bill. Amendments do not stop the killing of the unborn.

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