The Real Tasmanian Devil

The President of RTLA, Mrs Margaret Tighe, called on members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council, to vote against Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne's draconian abortion bill. The bill has passed House of Assembly and is in Committee stage- their report is expected to be tabled today 13/11/13 with debate soon after. 

Assisted Suicide Bill defeated in NSW


On Thursday 23 May 2013,  The Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament rejected ”The Rights of the Terminally Ill”  Bill by 23 to 13 votes.  It was introduced by Cate Faehrmann, Greens M.P.  Everyone was given a conscience vote on the bill.  However Cate Faehrmann said that her campaign will continue and the bill will be introduced to the Lower House by her Greens colleague Jamie Parker.
THANK YOU to all those who communicated with their Upper House representative in opposing this dangerous bill, but still be vigilant about it being introduced into the Lower House.

U.S. Abortionist Gosnell Guilty of Murder

“The conviction of Philadelphia abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, on three charges of first-degree murder highlights what the abortion industry tries to disguise – that is, that the killing of an unborn baby is in fact an act of homicide - especially the deliberate ending of the life of a child still alive after being aborted,” said Margaret Tighe,  President of The Right to Life Australia.

Mrs Tighe said, “Many Australians who are horrified at the gruesome tactics of Dr Gosnell would be oblivious of the fact that, with abortions being legal up to birth in Victoria and The A.C.T.,  some babies are aborted and born alive in late term clinics and then left to die because they are not meant to be alive.”

Victorian law denies Doctors rights on abortion

“Melbourne GP Dr Mark Hobart deserves great credit for his refusal to refer for an abortion a woman who wanted a boy and not a girl” said Mrs Margaret Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia.

Mrs Tighe said that rather than condemnation for Dr Hobart and any other doctors who refuse to be involved in abortion – even through referral – condemnation in the strongest possible terms should be heaped instead on those members of the Victorian parliament who voted for this infamous piece of legislation.

Australian Federal Government dances to tune of Marie Stopes


"The Australian Federal Government has given the green light to drugs which kill the unborn baby and can have fatal effects on mothers.  The expected decision of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to place the abortion drug RU 486 on the PBS is a disgraceful misuse of tax payers’ money” stated Margaret Tighe, President ofRight to Life Australia. 

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