Tasmania's Day of Shame

Margaret Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia said today (17/4/13) that the passage through the Tasmanian House of Assembly of the worst abortion bill in the western world, with draconian penalties for those who protest against abortion and counsellors who advise against abortion is a day of shame for Australia’s smallest state.

“Indeed” said Mrs Tighe, “should the legislation pass the Legislative Council and become law, it will represent the worst event in Tasmania’s history since the Port Arthur massacre”.

Action Alert - Victoria and New South Wales

The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald have been running a campaign promoting euthanasia. If you live in New South Wales or Victoria, act now!

International Day of the Unborn Child | Monday March 25

The International Day of the Unborn Child is to be celebrated by all citizens on Monday, March 25, 2013. It is a day to recall the remarkable journey of life each member of the human family has taken in our commonality as human beings and our uniqueness as individuals.  

Bill to legalise abortion in Tasmania

MEDIA RELEASE - Friday 8 March


“Today is International Women’s Day and women with an unexpected pregnancy deserve unexpected joy, not abortion,” said Margaret Tighe, President of The Right to Life Australia.  She was commenting about the call in Tasmania for abortion laws similar to the dreadful Victorian Laws. 

No funding for female feticide

MEDIA RELEASE - 28 February 2013

"We congratulate Senator John Madigan for his proposal to stop Medicare funding of abortions done for the purpose of sex-selection," Right to Life Australia President Margaret Tighe said today.  "While we want all funding for all abortions to stop, this is a first step."

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